Doomsday Engine est en fait le moteur graphique utilisé par les modifications JDoom, JHeretic et JHexen, ces modifications toutes de 3D et d'effets dernière génération sur les bases de vieux jeux en pseudo 3D. Le site Portugal Arena a eu la chance d'accorder à Jaakko 'Skyjake' Keränen, créateur de l'engin et des différents portages, une entrevue en anglais. On y apprend ce qu'il a fait avant de se consacrer, dans ses temps libres, à ce très gros projet qu'est Doomsday, et ce qu'il étudie et où. Là ou tout cela peut offrir un certain intérêt, c'est lorsqu'on arrive aux questions parlant de Doom III :
Portugal Arena: Do you think that the DOOM 3 could be responsible for the end of the doom port scene, or there will always be a place for the good ol' Doom ?

Jaakko: In my view, Doom 3 and the original Doom are two different games. They may share the same background story, but pretty much everything else will be different. And the fact that Doom 3 requires pretty impressive hardware in order to run acceptably will further emphasize the difference.

I don't think Doom 3 will hurt the old port scene very much. All those who prefer true 3D map geometry and other more advanced features offered by modern first-person shooters probably have already left the scene. I believe the special appeal of the original Doom and the nostalgia associated with it will keep people interested for years to come. It'll never be mainstream again, but at least it won't be entirely forgotten (I hope!).

Portugal Arena: What expectations do you have about DOOM 3 ? Did they change after seeing the DOOM 3: The Legacy video shown at E3 ?

Jaakko: I expect Doom 3 to be a thrilling, dark first-person shooter leaning towards survival horror. The superb lighting should be especially effective in creating a really intense experience. I'll have to buy a new computer to play it, though...

I must confess I've never seen the E3 video, but I hear it's quite stunning. I haven't been actively following the Doom 3 news of late. I'll get more excited once the release date is nearer.
Plus plus d'info sur Jaakko, rendez-vous sur son site.
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