Une nouvelle version 1.1.1 de Red Orchestra est maintenant disponible. Rappellons que Red Orchestra est une modification d'Unreal Tournament 2003 qui mène le joueur dans l'ambiance et les décors du côté est de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale.

Le fichier de mise à jour pèse 6 Mo et le jeu complet 340 Mo. Ceux-ci peuvent être téléchargés sur le site officiel mais aussi sur NoFrag : la mise à jour et le jeu complet sur leur FTP.

Public Beta v1.1.1 Readme

*Important Note(
You must replace ROUser.ini, otherwise version 1.1.1 may not work correctly

1.) Reduced the zoom on the SVT-40 when in iron sights
2.) Fixed a bug where hitting the bayonet attach button while attaching a bayonet would restart the animation
3.) Fixed a problem where switching to iron sights while moving would sometimes cause the view to shake
4.) Fixed the damage type message for the Kar98 Scoped
5.) Fixed the PPS-43 bash kill message so it doesn't say MP-40
6.) Fixed bug where changing the scope detail in the menu's would mess up the iron sight views on other weapons
7.) Reduced the radius you can hear the dry clicking sound, reduced the volume and activated attenuation
8.) Fixed some hit sound issues
9.) Globally increased firing sounds by a small amount
10.) Muzzle flash properly attaches to the TT-33 world model
11.) Can no longer move while in prone iron sights
12.) Slightly reduced the radius of the ammo and weapon pickup collision cylinders
13.) Fixed small bug where PPS-43 didn't have the correct ammo values set
14.) Smoothed out the weapon transition when starting and ending a sprint.
15.) Fixed prone exploit allowing players to go under the ground
16.) Fixed VoteKick bug allowing players to use the command more than once on a player
17.) Fixed bug with reinforcement percentage not changing properly
18.) Fixed accessed none with the scoreboard
19.) Fixed scope detail saving issues
20.) Fixed 3rd person reload animations not playing the first time
21.) Fixed the mouse sensitivity bug when using scopes.
22.) Fixed some major accuracy issues with the scopes.
23.) Fixed a big problem where people that spawned with automatic weapons weren't getting the proper recoil control bonuses. This was causing all automatic weapons to be very hard to control
24.) Fixed a bug in the spread calculation area where the default spread was always 2 times the default spread of all weapons.
25.) Fixed a bug where crouching wasn't reducing the spread of a weapon like it should have been
26.) Fixed bug where the MN 91/30 bayonet didn't have a skin on it
27.) Corrected a problem where players could do a variety of actions during the last-shot animation on the bolt-action rifles which would severely comprimise the view state of the weapon.

New Features:
1.) Unit Menu should now pop-up when joining a game
2.) Added a new smoke puff effect to the hit effects library
3.) Added wood hit particles to the hit effects library
4.) Temporarily added UT2k3 metal sparks to the hit effects library
5.) Slightly increase the maximum vertical and horizontal offset of the Mosin-Nagant 91/38, and increased viewshake magnitude.
6.) Added scope detail option to the menus
7.) Added multi firing sound support to both Mosin-Nagant 91/30 models, this will enhance the sound immersion of the weapons
8.) Added another firing sound to the P-08 library, now has 3 firing sounds
9.) Soldiers who spawn without an automatic weapon and pick one up during the game, will get a small recoil reduction, although much much less then if they had started with an automatic weapon
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