Savage vient de subir une mise à jour en passant à la version 1.02. Pas de liste de liens où télécharger le fichier de mise à jour car cela se fait automatique en se connectant.
We recommend turning on "Extra Optimizations" in the options menu, ESPECIALLY if you own an ATI Radeon card. Radeons should see a significant performance improvement. For a small number of people, however, the Extra Optimizations option causes Savage to stop working. If this is the case for you, MAKE SURE THAT YOUR VIDEO DRIVERS ARE UP TO DATE! If Savage still doesn't work after updating, open up your "vidmode.cfg" file in the "game" folder of Savage and enter the following line:

gfx_useVBO 0

This will put things back to normal.

I can't stress enough how important it is to make sure your video drivers are up to date. The latest (August 11) version of the NVidia Geforce drivers, for instance, seem to run Savage much smoother than any previous revisions.
La liste des modifications se trouve dans la suite.

Merci à NoFrag pour cette info!

1.02 change log

Additions and Fixes:
- Renderer optimized for Radeon using gl_ext_vertex_buffer_object. NVidia cards see an improvement with this enabled, too. To enable, click "Extra Optimizations" in the options menu
- Timing fixes that drastically improve the smoothness of games
- Fixed server browser packet loss bug -- game browser is now much more reliable with more accurate pings
- Objects are predicted slightly ahead based on their current velocity, so targets can be lead less (adjust with cl_lerpShift, ranges from 0 to 1)
- Network connection now gets reinitialized correctly when connecting to a new server (fixes errors when connecting to a new server from a previous one)
- "Continuous attack" button and "autorun" button
- Map exploit fixes
- Team balance option for servers (sv_balancedTeams 1)
- "Pure server" option for dedicated servers
- Improved international keyboard support
- Game will not no longer hog CPU when not in focus, and mouse gets properly released
- Fixed "flickering bags" bug
- Fixed friendly icon on items
- Improved gamelist filter options
- Buddy list now saves correctly
- Unix servers will now never freeze on stats sending
- Fixed occastional server hang caused by bouncing projectiles
- Improved bouncing projectile physics
- Fixed "phantom trails" that would sometimes show up at the start of a match
- Mute now works correctly
- Added banning and auto-banning for servers
- Death notifications now appear in the correct order
- Fixed CMD 255 bug on connecting to servers
- New method for getting the gamelist from a web server, to let us scale
much higher
- Mouse buttons are bindable now in the options menu
- Hitting items now produces the "hitting object" sound
- Items are tossed in the direction you are looking
- IRC chat fix to prevent accidental pasting of past network traffic to
end of message
- Don't try to get a firewall test for non-dedicated servers
- Moved to fmod 3.70 for Windows
- Textbox fixes for cursors, added insert mode
- Don't send blank chats
- Don't allow ~, `, or " in in-game usernames
- Made music more dynamic (will transition back to normal music from
action music if nothing happens for a period of time. the parameters
for this still need some improvement)
- Fixed most of the item flickering issues
- Added http_proxy cvar to specify any web proxies you have for the gamelist and clan icons
- Fixed timer bug in windows that was causing dedicated servers to run half as fast as normal
- Added "autoexec" cvar that can be set on the command line to execute a command after initialization (for instance, savage set autoexec "connect")
- An exclamation mark icon now appears above the head of anyone who does a voice chat
- Voice chat icons of officers show up in blue, and also appear whenever the officer gives a command

New commander features:
- When in commander mode, holding SHIFT will add to your current selection, CTRL will subtract
- Double clicking on a unit will select all nearby units of the same type
- GUI button to turn on auto-approve

Balances changes:
- Ballista has a larger firing range and faster turning radius
- Disrupters get tossed further
- Mist shroud lasts for 15 seconds instead of 30
- Maximum deployable sensors increased to 12
- Catapult blast radius increased
- Sacrifice blast radius decreased
- Sixth sense is now always active (you don't have to press the inventory key)
- Shaman damage lowered from 1600 to 1200
- Demo packs can now only be diffused with a melee attack

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