Le célebre mod de BattleFied 1942 dans l'univers du Vietnam, Eve of Destruction, vient de passe en version 0.21. Les 6 Mo que représente la mise à jour, peuvent être téléchargée sur ces liens :La mise à jour s'oocupe de corriger quelques bugs et améliore un peu le gameplay.

List of changes:

- added M-14 Rifle on some maps
- added horns to all jeeps
- added wreck model for GAZ
- fixed Remington shotgun
- fixed damage to mortar operator problem
- fixed floating helicopter wreck problem
- fixed reloading of V-100
- fixed chopper / aircraft collisions w/ other vehicles
- fixed shaking problem of Huey Gunship
- fixed DShK and CH-47 kill messages
- fixed minimap icon of T-34
- doubled napalm damage to infantry
- adjusted M-16 and AK-47 damage
- Increased speed of T34 round, decreased turrret rotation and elevation speed
- raised damage of Huey / Mi-4 rockets against vehicles
- reduced reload time of music in Huey and increased hearing range
- increased hitpoints of unarmored vehicles
- Colt clip reduced to 7, increased damage slightly
- removed mortar crosshair
- Mekong River - added ammo for choppers, added normal ammo boxes and med cabinets
- Vinh Loc - adjusted winning conditions
- BadMoonrising - fixed tiger stripe camo for the US Team, thanks Spyder. Changed VC skins for better camouflage.
- Eclipse - Changed Mode to mixed objectives: VC needs to dominate the area, the US team needs to defend the radio. Mortars added. US Anti Tank class has a Thomspon
- Hill937 - US Engineer has the M14. Fixed Jungle Spawnpoint, floating howitzers and the truckskin. Cobra gets reloaded.
- Hill937-night - VC Support has Ppsh41. Fixed Jungle Spawnpoint, floating stuff, truck, Huey spawning not spawning as MI4 when VC had the LZ Destiny, and the US Assault loadout. Huey or MI4 get reloaded.
- Khe Sanh - Brandnew tiger stripes by spyder. US engineer carries the M14. Added Attack Huey. T34 will not get auto-repaired anymore. Map objective changed into dominating the smaller area of the base. Northern flag not cappable from outside the base anymore. Removed spawnpoint from tower.
- Bridge Ruin - removed parachutes
- Que Son Valley - reduced ticket drain for both sides, added ammo for choppers
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