Le mod Desert Combat vient de subir une mise à jour. Il s'agit de la version Alpha 0.40J qui vous permettra d'avoir de nouveaux véhicules, de nouvelles cartes et qui corrige de nombreux bugs.
Fixed, ZPU and SHilka firing Damage
Fixed F-15 simple model
Fixed M1A1 simple model
Reduced splash damage on RPG slightly
Weapons Bunkers wreck model fixed
Oil Fields soound fixed
Reduced grenades and SMAW/RPG damage to tanks (Taleron)
Fixed the ability to remove landmines by support
Added Landmines to support (needed for fix)
Added updated Basrahs Edge
Updated Lada and Pickup truck and removed logos
Updated firearms to allow longer fire fights (less damage per shot), This promotes teamwork since battles will last a bit longer.
Fixed Docks board, please reinstall .38d, .39k and .4I for this fix.
Made Hind have same rocket layout as Apache for balancing
Added updated Oil Fields, all new control points
Sniper rifles returned to strong zoom. Some recoil effects fixed.
Tracer damage and behaviors adjusted for M249 and PKM
F15E soundscripts made
All jets now have a dive alarm
Adjusted M2A3 internal sound levels
Desert Patrol Vehicle sounds and soundscripts created
Apache sounds improved
DC Oil Fields objects given soundscripts and sounds
Updated SA-3
New F-14B with dumb bombs
increased mindev on Coax mg's
Fixed Hind Sounds
Changed hind to be more like the real thing, made fars 64 and 4 AT's
Increased Artillery gun turret speed a tad
Introduced a more realistic weapons damage system
Fixed oSA material
Firearm changes
AKM: 7.62x39, fire rate 650rpm, decent accuracy, considerable recoil
AK74SU: 5.56mm, fire rate 800rpm, moderate accuracy, heavy recoil
PKM: 7.62x54, fire rate 600rpm, decent accuracy, considerable recoil
Pistols: 9mm, poor accuracy, good handling on the move
M16: 5.56mm, fire rate 800rpm, good accuracy, light recoil
MP5:9mm, fire rate 800rpm, fair accuracy, v. light recoil, good handling on the move
M249: 5.56mm, fire rate 800rpg, decent accuracy, light recoil
Power ratings for projectiles:
.50 cal (heavy damage vs. soft, light damage vs medium armor)
7.62x54 (2 shot kill, mod damage vs soft, minor dmg vs light armor)
7.62 x 39 (3 shot kill, light damage vs soft)
5.56mm (3 shot kill, light damage vs. soft)
9mm (4-5 shot kill, no damage vs soft)
Replaced AC-130 with F-14 on El_Alamein
Replaced F-16 with F-15c on EL_Alamein
Added SA-3 Texture
Added Spec ops hat
Added new M16, AK47, UH-60, M249 and PKM sounds
Added OSA to Midway, GuadalCanal and Midway
Added Artillary calling to MDT, HUmvee's and Technicals
Added SA-3 to Oil Fields
Updated Docks board, Added Technicals and made it much harder for US to win
Added Mirage to El_Alamein
Added SA3 to El_Alamein
Updated Weapons Bunkers
Updated M23 and PSS weapons
Added F-15c to Bocage
Updated Stinger Damage for 2 hits on Helis
Updated F-14 from Brian to allow guided second position rockets
Added F-15c
Fixed F-14 to work online
Updated Lada and Pickup truck textures
Fixed ZPU, it now causes correct damagae to aircraft
lowered BMP2 hitpoints to match that of M2a3
Added OSA Icon
Fixed M249/PKM damage against planes, helicopters
Matched BMP2 rocket rate of fire with that of the M2A3
Fixed Mig29 Col mesh
Lowered Smoke on Heli Rockets for performance
Added DC Battle of Medina Ridge map
Added DC Basrah Edge City Map
Added Weapons Bunker Search and Destroy Map
Balanced Artillary, Added longer range bullets, Increased Armor, Slowed down turret rotation significantly, increased power against heavy armor
Made Hellfires take 2 shots to kill heavy tanks, 1 shot on everything else.
Increased Hydra power slightly against some armour
Added 2 more mags of Anti Tank Rockets to Hind for balancing
Allow Hind passengers to exit without opening the doors for positions 4 and 5.
Changed BMP2 to have rocket launcher active on position 1, balanced against m2a3
Added new Class menus
Lowered rate of fire of PKM and M249 to match real world weapons
Lowered M249/PKM against helicopters and planes.
Reverted M16 Sound
Slowed the stinger down to require more skill when shooting
Added Tracers to M249/PKM
Added Civilian Pickup Truck
Added Opposition Pickup truck with .50 Cal machine gun
Added Opposition Pickup truck with Recoiless Rifle
Added Civilian Car
Added Opposition Mirage
Added Opposition OSA anti-Ship boat
Added new Opposition Guided SA-3 Sam Site
Added new Stinger Model and Skin
Added new A-10 Cockpit
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