HomeLan Fed a posé quelques questions à Frank DeLise au sujet de Deset Combat, modification pour BattleField 1942. Ces questions sont plus là pour faire un bilan sur ce mod et la popularité qu'il a eu et qu'il continue à avoir.
HomeLAN - First, did you think when you and your team were first designing Desert Combat it would become such a popular hit?

Frank DeLise - No actually, when DesertCombat started, it was just myself. It started as a research project to get a better understanding of the modding world. However after I released the first version, there was a lot of interest to see more. Shortly after I started bringing on team members in October 2002, it was called Desert Strike then.Our first release we got about 10k downloads. Now we are happy to report that we have over 700,000 downloads of DesertCombat .38 and rank in the top five most played FPS's
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