La seconde partie de l'entrevue de Computer & Video Games sur Half-Life2 est enfin disponible Doug Lombardi répond aux questions sur les ennemis, la gestion de l'inventaire, les véhicules, les mods et bien d'autres choses.
Toward the end of the demo you've shown, there's a bit where Gordon discards his shotgun to pick up a rocket launcher. Does this mean there'll be a limit to what he can carry, or will it be a "carry all" inventory like in the original Half-Life?
- Lombardi: Actually, in Condition Zero we really looked at the idea of limiting the amount of weapons that you have and making choices, and that's really something that seems like it will be interesting, but turns out to be not a lot of fun. Some choices are cool, but having to constantly manage your inventory is tedious - at least, that's how I see it. I wouldn't go so far as to say the inventory in Half-Life 2 is completely unlimited, but I would say that inventory management is not fun so we're not going to place that onto the player.

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