La nouvelle version 6.00 de QuakeIT est enfin disponible. Voici la liste des changements :
  • Code optimized
  • Add full punkbuster support
  • Add full team arena support
  • Add New cvars on the cvars list
  • Add auto save config files
  • Rewrite the code for saving config files so QuakeIT is now 50% faster
  • Fix some little bugs

Pour les personnes ne connaissant pas ce programme voici un petit descriptif :
QuakeIT is a nice and easy to use Quake3 game launcher.
It scans for maps and lets u easy put bots in the game.
QuakeIT version 3.00 and later have a online bot database so you can add yourself to this database as bot.
Many Quake3 MODS are support in QuakeIT.
You can add cfg files in this MOD dirs and make the settings you want in this file and run it with QuakeIT.
The online update check give you always the latest version info.
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