Le site officiel de Raven Shield vient de publier des informations concernant une futur mise à jour 1.4.1. Voici la liste des modifications :
  • PunkBuster
  • GameSpy Arcade
  • Translation Fixes
  • Immediate Firing Animation Toggle
  • Custom Mission Maps
  • Memory Leak

En se baladant sur le site Raven Shield Platoon, on apprend que cette mise à jour serait disponible le 26 Août 2003.
Starting with this patch, Raven Shield supports the PunkBuster anti-cheat software from Even Balance, Inc. The use and installation of PunkBuster is optional; PunkBuster will be available as a separate install. Please note that PunkBuster is only available in English, but don't worry, it is compatible with Raven Shield 1.4.1 and up in any language.

GameSpy Arcade
This should have been mentioned in the release notes for patch 1.4. Raven Shield was already compatible with The All-Seeing Eye game service and is now also compatible with the GameSpy Arcade gaming service.

Translation Fixes
The previous Italian, German, Spanish, and French patches inadvertently introduced some minor translation errors where some texts were displayed in English instead of the game's language. They have been fixed.

Immediate Firing Animation Toggle
In response to the massive feedback, positive and negative, received from the players concerning the trigger lag, a toggle was added to make it optional. The new toggle, called "Immediate Firing Animation", lets the player select when the firing animation will be played: Immediately when the mouse button is pressed, or when the server confirms that a bullet has been fired. Please note that this animation is only cosmetic.

Custom Mission Maps
Patch 1.4 introduced a bug, making it impossible to play previously unlocked maps in Custom Game mode. This has been fixed.

Memory Leak
Patch 1.4 introduced a small memory leak each time a new map is started. When this small leak accumulates for many hours on dedicated servers, it can grow large enough to cause system slow-downs or crashes. The leak has been fixed.
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