La version 0.39 du mod Desert Combat de BF1942 vient de sortir. Les version 1.4 ou 1.45 de BF19742 sont nécessaires. Le fichier fait 140 Mo et se trouve sur ces miroirs ou sur cette page:
Sur la même page, vous trouverez la version 0.38 en entière (330 Mo).
Patch Installation Instructions
** DesertCombat .38 must be installed first, run the installer and choose the root of Battlefield1942 as the installation folder. BattleField 1942 Version 1.4 or 1.45 required **
.39 Public Release Weapons and Vehicles
** This is not the complete or final list, this is only what is available for the public alpha and more will follow in the next alpha release.
* New in DesertCombat .39
.39 is mainly a patch release to BattleField version 1.45, but we decided to add some features of DesertCombat .4 into this release.
Here is a change list of whats new in this version :
Full Battlefield 1942 Version 1.45 Compatibility
New DesertPatrol Vehicle (Dune Buggy)
New Guided Cruise Missle
M203 and GP30 grenade launchers have been toned down
New Map, Oil Fields feature lots of new static and animated objects
New Ural Tanker
Improved Khafji Docks map, fixed cheats and bugs
New PKM model
New F16 model and rockets
New Mig29 model and rockets
Added new Afterburner effect
New shorter radio voice sounds
New M16 sounds
Added M-109 and M-1974 artillary arc
Increased MP5 Accuracy
Incresed fighter jet guns power against other jets
Made rockets have larger explosion radius against other planes. (AA-10, MagicII and Aim9)
AA rockets get straight flight path
AA rockets converge at 250m
AA rockets increased velocity
Hellfires, AT-3s, FFARs given 150m convergance
Hellfires, AT-3s, FFARs begin slightly outside rocket pods to reduce collisions when turning
Hellfire / AT-3 velocity increased
New gun sound for F-16, Mig29
Increased sound range for Avenger cannon
Optimized all simple models and view distances for greater performance
Edited all soundscripts for increased performance and quality
Fixed Humvee windows
Added new rocket trail for RPG and Helicopter rockets
Added RPG scope
Added high deviation when running and jumping with RPG and SMAW
Added Crosshairs to RPG and SMAW
Added M203 iron sight
Added Gp30 iron sight
Stinger has very little effect on soldiers
Fixed Stinger direct Hit
Added Ah-64 rocket spiral
Added AH-64 hydras weak against armor
Lower M-109, M-1974 against armour
Added new effect to M-109, M-1974 to reflect splash damage
Reduced smoke on ZPU
Reduced mortar power against armour
Outline of vehicles and weapons in DesertCombat .39
M1A1 Heavy Tank
M2A3 Light Tank
MLRS Mobile rocket truck
Humvee with a .50 cal machine gun and Supplies
Humvee with a Tow launcher
M163 Vulcan Mobile AntiAircraft
M-109 Mobile Artillery
Spec Ops Raft
Desert Patrol Vehicle *
A-10 Thunderbolt II
A-10 Thunderbolt II Bomber
A-10 Thunderbolt II Cluster Bomber
AH-64 Attack Helicopter
UH-60 Blackhawk Transport Helicopter
AV8b Harrier
AC-130 Gunship
Hand Weapons
M16A2 Assault Rifle
New MP5 sub machine gun
M9 handgun
Remington Shotgun
SMAW rocket launcher
M249 Machine Gun
M25 Sniper Rifle
M15 LandMine
Deployable SandBags
Deployable Mortar
Stinger Missle
M203 Grenade Launcher
T-72 Heavy Tank
Shilka Mobile Antiaircraft
BDRM2 (amphibious)
BDRM2 Spandrel (amphibious)
BM21 Multiple launch rocket truck
M-1974 Amphibious Artillery
SCUD Launcher
Stationary ZPU anitaircraft machine gun
BMP-2 Amhpibious personel carrier *
Ural Truck Personel Carrier
Ural Fuel Truck*
SU-25 Ground Attack Plane
M124d Hind attack Helicopter
Hand Weapons
Browning Hipo Handgun
Saiga12k Shotgun
PKM Heavy Machine gun
Scorpion sub machine gun
Tabuk Sniper Rifle
M15 LandMine
Deployable Mortar
Antipersonel mines
Deployable Sandbags
Gp30 Grendade laucher
Misc. weapons and vehicles
Maverick Missiles
AMRAAM missiles
Hellfire missiles
Hyrda missiles
MK83 large Bombs
SnakeEye Bombs
SCUD Rockets
AS-7 Bombs
Cluster Bombs
Tomahawk Guided Cruise missle *
MK19 Semi Automatic grenade launcher *
.39 Public New Maps
DC Oil Fields (Conquest)
DC LostVillage (Conquest)
DC Battle of Eastings (Singple player, Co-op, Conquest)
Inshallah Valley - by Flatline|44 (Conquest)
Support for all BF maps.
Enjoy Desert combat .39, see you on the servers.
Frank DeLise
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