Action Vault continue ses entrevues sur IGI 2: Covert Strike. Après les sujets abordés tels que les meilleurs moments et le multijoueurs, Action Vault demande quelles sont les deux cartes préférées des développeurs.
My number one favourite map is Sandstorm. The whole layout of the map makes the action very intense. Firstly, the map itself is one of the smaller ones, which means you get to the fight almost instantly. Secondly, there are so many ways to approach your target that it keeps the defenders constantly on watch. On the other hand, if the attackers don't coordinate and come from different directions at different times, they will quickly get mowed down, so team play is very important. And besides, the daylight desert setting really looks cool.
My other favourite map is probably Forest Raid. This is the only map with fogging "due to the heavy rain" and has tons of trees and bushes to hide behind. This keeps the number of snipers down and the action is more up close and personal. Using the terrain is essential since there are almost no buildings on this map. Also, this being a huge map means you have to pick your route carefully or you might not make it in time to help your team. One of the big challenges on this map for the attackers to get the C4 bomb all the way from spawn location one to the last objective. This journey sometimes causes some intense firefights between the two teams.

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