La nouvelle version 2.38 de Deadly Dozen : Pacific Theater est enfin disponible.
As soon as you install this patch customer support can no longer help you with problems you might have.

Vous trouverez la liste des changements sur cette page ou encore en page de commentaires.
De plus une vidéo et un outils d'édition sont aussi en téléchargement.
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(#0) 20 avril 2003 à 00h24
Changes since 2.35:<br />
- in coop and mission mode if you respawn you respawn near the highest objective complete<br />
- better syncronized allies<br />
- map voting works reliably now<br />
- for coop and mission mode games, the maps go in order of the file list, not the natural map order from single player<br />
- in coop you can join the game at any time even if lives are being counted<br />
- fixed problem where the time before a map started in mp was some huge number sometimes<br />
- fixed starting in the same place every time when using ctf maps in dm<br />
- fixed a few crashes and a few problems with people not able to join a game in progress<br />
- changed a few error messages to be more clear<br />
- added med kits and some items to a few missions<br />
- in mission mode, defenders can no longer pull the alarm on mission 6 to make the attackers
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