C'est maintenant confirmé, la deuxième expansion de BF1942: Secret Weapons est enfin officielle.
In Secret Weapons of WWII, players will engage in war with a choice of up to 46 vehicles to control. In addition to the 30 vehicles introduced in the original game such as fighter planes, tanks, and aircraft carriers, players can operate 16 new vehicles including the Horton HO 229 "Flying Wing" that is equipped with 30 mm machine guns and missiles. Other vehicles consist of a U.S. Sherman tank with a T-34 Calliope rocket launcher, U.S. T95/T28 Super Heavy Tank, the Sturmtiger (naval gun mounted on Tiger tank), U.S. Goblin jetfighter, C-47 cargo plane that will serve as a mobile spawn point, the American Armstrong Whitworth AW-52 advanced fighter, the German Wasserfall guided anti-air missile and the German Natter rocket plane. Also, for the first time, Secret Weapons of WWII will give players the chance to fly and fight at the same time with a top secret German prototype Rocket Pack.
En ce qui concerne les gros changements, vous aurez accés à 16 nouveaux véhicules, 7 armes, 2 nouvelles unités (Commando anglais et l'élite allemand) ainsi qu'un nouveau mod.

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