Un message sur Ritualistic récapitule les données d'un article concernant CS: Condition Zero chez Computer Gaming World. On en tire quelques informations assez importantes comme le fait que vous aurez accés à dix nouvelles cartes et que seulement à partir de la version 1.7 de CS, les deux jeux seront compatibles. La liste des autres changements se trouve en page de commentaires. De plus des screenshots sont disponibles sur cette page.
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(#0) 01 avril 2003 à 21h30
Single-player :<br>
-Ritual started over nearly from scratch when it took over the project nearly eight months ago, keeping only parts of some maps and a few textures<br />
-Rag-doll physics end up looking better and more realistic than those found in the latest Unreal Engine<br />
-Rudimentary scripting language implemented to create special events, such as helicopter crashes and tank chases; at least one cool event in each level<br />
-Single-player missions are no longer interconnected and you will take the role of squad leader in various elite counter-terrorist units<br />
-Many missions require stealth over brawn<br />
-Realism takes a backseat to action in single-player missions, you'll have more health and will be able to pick up med packs to heal<br />
<br />
Multiplayer :<br>
-10 new multiplayer maps and the addition of bots<br />
-Bots respond to radio commands issued through an onscreen VGUI; no word on bots responding to radio commands in multiplayer<br />
-Steam technology will continuously update the game, including updates to prevent multiplayer hacks and cheats<br />
-Valve plans to integrate CS with CZ by releasing Counter-Strike 1.7<br />
-Owners of either can play with each other as long as they stay off the Condition Zero-exclusive maps<br />
-Out of the box support for voice communication
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