Dans un article de presse, on apprend que le jeu Devastation embarque en ce moment même en Amérique du nord.
The singleplayer game plays through an intense storyline where linear story-driven missions dominate the first half, gearing players up for incredible dynamic gameplay as the final missions become more open-ended combat with a true team-centric focus. Online multiplayer game types include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and a brand new team-based gamestyle called ?Territories.? The game also ships with a full-featured editor so fans can build and play in their own maps with the most user-friendly interface ever developed. Devastation also incorporates MathEngine's Karma? physics system, allowing for incredible ragdoll deaths and giving players the ability to interact with their environment. Players can pick up objects and move them around to block pathways, or throw items to cause distraction, or even make improvised weapons with lethal force.

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