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Features<br />
- Players can choose from 8 classes, Science-Fiction or Fantasy: Android, Mage, Cyborg, Fighter, Commando, Assassin, Wastelander, & Monk.<br />
- Well documented RPG core system allows players to choose from 32 subclass or build their own custom character. Create characters that enhance your playing style.<br />
- With the 7 attribute DETAILS system, Purge can have characters impossible in other shooters. Decide whether you rather have more run speed or more health. Set your character to have more accuracy or more ammo.<br />
- An arsenal of 32 completely unique weapons such as Chemical Grenades, Fire Traps, EnergyKenesis, and the Phoenix Axe.<br />
- Don't like shooting? Play one of Purge's 8 non-combat, support roles. Players can actually succeed at Purge without directly fighting. Use 24 skills such as Faith Healing, Nano Generator, and Charge Station to build base structures, health packs, and character enhancements.<br />
- Employ actual strategies, tactics, and teamwork. The incredible depth in Purge allows every tactic to have a counter. Discover ways to slowdown or completely counter the "run-and-gun" rushing tactics. Lay mines, scout, or build barriers.<br />
- Earn experience points to upgrade your character by eliminating enemies or assisting friends.
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