Le site Doomsday HQ vient de sortir la version 1.7.8 de Doomsday. Liste des changements :
  • A new master server. The old DirectPlay hack has been dropped. If you're upgrading, make sure your cvars are set up as described on the Multiplayer page.
  • Various netgame bug fixes. Note that quite a number still remain, but they mostly affect jHexen.
  • jDoom (finally) lets you shoot at floors and ceilings with lineattack weapons (pistol, shotguns, chaingun), if you're so inclined...
  • Some HUD weapon sprites in jDoom were adjusted: the plasma rifle's shooting frame was all wrong and the muzzle flash of the super shotgun and rocket launcher were slightly out of sync.
  • Several jHexen fixes: dedicated server crashing at level change, messages not showing up on clientside, client sometimes crashing at level change, status bar flicker.
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