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(#0) 16 février 2003 à 20h55
Here is a preliminary list of things being addressed for the next patch: <br />
<br />
Changes from 2186 are listed below: <br />
<br />
GamePlay: <br />
<br />
Ambient weapon sounds (like minigun) aren't affected by level ambient sound volume changes. <br />
fixed translocator trail effect sometimes not working at start of game <br />
fixed blue translocator trail - enabled weather effects on DE bonus pack maps <br />
Spectating: <br />
<br />
Added setspectatespeed exec function, which allows you to change the speed at which spectator moves on the fly. Default speed is 600. <br />
improved spectating switching between viewed players <br />
switching between viewed players doesn't lose behindview setting <br />
added player names and beacons to spectator view. Can be hidden by adding the line bHideSpectatorBeacons=true to the [Engine.PlayerController] section of your UT2003.ini. - don't show "now viewing" at resolutions < 640x480 <br />
Mod support: <br />
<br />
Fixed AddIni command for updating ini files by patches and umods. <br />
fixed a problem with ReviewJumpSpots on some levels. <br />
Networking/Servers: <br />
<br />
fixed server hacking vulnerabilities <br />
stats work for servers with bots (bots not included in stats) <br />
fixed: tournament mode can be configured from ut2003.ini <br />
removed log spam when players join using model not on server <br />
fixed bots balancing servers <br />
Demo Recording: <br />
<br />
fixed client-side demo playback speed problem <br />
fixed ability to fire while viewing client-side demos <br />
fixed ping on scoreboard of client-side demos <br />
Menus/Interface: <br />
<br />
fixed problem with changing weapon bindings key for shock rifle and bio rifle from menus <br />
added icons to server browser, showing if server is passworded, have stats support, is latest version, is a listen server, are running any mutators, or are running instagib. <br />
Other: <br />
<br />
Possible fix for longer loading times <br />
Karma Physics: Make SSE do the same thing on AMD and Intel processors. <br />
Fix bug with sphere-convex contact generation (eg. driving on blocking volumes) <br />
<br />

(#0) 21 avril 2003 à 15h36
je n'arrive pas a le lancer ?????

(#0) 21 avril 2003 à 15h37
aider moi svp

(#0) 21 avril 2003 à 17h34
As-tu téléchargé le bon fichier ?
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