GameSpy.com vient de réaliser un article sur Road to Rome, l'expansion en développement pour Battlefield 1942. Tout d'abord les six nouvelles cartes sont décrites une par une, je vous redonne les noms de celles-ci :
  • Operation Husky
  • Salerno
  • Monte Cassino
  • Operation Baytown
  • Anzio
  • Monte Santa Croce

Road to Rome se déroule durant la seconde guerre mondiale sur les terres de l'Italie et de Sicile, c'est ainsi que deux nouvelles armées apparaissent dans le jeu : L'Italie et la France. Neuf nouveaux véhicules intègrent eux aussi cette expansion.
Aside from the aforementioned US M3 GMC halftrack, both sides receive a number of tanks, including one "light" tank on each side, much faster than any of the armored vehicles from the original game. The Allies gain the US M3 Grant, which has a main cannon and a very useful AA turret in the rear, which can be used for shooting down almost anything -- planes, jeeps, or personnel. The Axis have the Italian M11-39 Carro Armato, which -- like all the new tanks -- features a shielded secondary machine gunner position. The Axis also sport the German Sturmgeshutz, a somewhat bulkier tank, also with main cannon and a secondary turret position.

In the air, the Allies gain the British Mosquito, a medium single-passenger bomber with light armor and a large payload. For the Axis, there's the German BF-110, also a medium-sized bomber, but with a rear gunner position. Both are a little more responsive than the full bombers from Battlefield, but still nowhere near as maneuverable the smaller fighter planes. Stationary anti-tank emplacements for both sides (the British AT 25 and German Pak 40), and an Italian version of the Higgins boat -- the LVCP -- round out the new additions.
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