Dans une lettre sur le site officiel de "Sony Online Entertainment", on apprend quelques informations sur le jeu PlanetSide et que les developpeurs travaillent sur l'optimisation du jeu pour les petites configurations. Deplus, la béta arrive à grands pas et on devrait en savoir plus dans les jours avenir.
We're testing the game every day here (as you can imagine). Each day, we go in and assess gameplay, decide what works and what doesn't, and then brainstorm on what can be done to strengthen the game. It's an ongoing process, but a successful one and we'll continue to do it at least until External Beta (with more infrequent updates during that Beta test). Because of this, there are a lot of tweaks going on in the game at the moment...just don't expect any announcements on those gameplay changes until we're done shaking things out a bit more.
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