Une nouvelle version de Strike Force, la 1.80, est disponible. D'une taille de 377 mo, oui vous avez bien lu, elle comprend 88 nouvelles cartes et élimine les bugs des anciennes versions. Vu la taille de cette mise à jour, ils ont installé un système qui permet de la commander gratuitement sur un cd (seulement au 56 k). La liste des changements est disponible en commentaire et voici une série de miroirs : Plus d'informations pour commander le cd sur cette page.
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(#0) 01 janvier 2003 à 23h23
180 Changes/Fixes <br />
<br />
- menu pops up once SF is loaded <br />
- strikeforce.ini has several changes for better performance <br />
- new opengl drivers included (so everything wont be so dark) <br />
- aksilenced and new ak put back in game <br />
-mp5sd shooting point adjusted <br />
-mp5sd shooting rate slightly increased <br />
-aimdot can be adjusted for size and color <br />
-m203 adjusted to match ROF of M4 but has worse accuracy because it's heavier <br />
-flash on steyr should be gone <br />
-Reloadsounds should now work on all Weapons. <br />
-Falling damage modified <br />
-Weapon damage modified <br />
-G36 (stretch) in inv fixed <br />
-Nade problems (stretch) in inv fixed <br />
-Fixed map "After the Fall" new spawn points and cookies <br />
-Removed Ghost Cam <br />
- Walking|jump back, but it cant be used to override Pulse limit <br />
- Damage is not affected by bHardcoremode any more <br />
- Fixed cheat where you could enter "console commands" and adjust online specs <br />
- Flash nades last longer & have higher radius <br />
- Wall hit effect reduced in size <br />
- Bullets have smoke again <br />
- Wall hits have new spark effect <br />
- Bulletholes smaller <br />
- Smoke smaller after Wallhit <br />
- Scope does more wobble. Wobbles faster if moving <br />
- Shotgun shoots slower now <br />
- Jumpdelay out, may the Pulsesystem safe <br />
- Shellshock from Nades/Claymores should be in again without Pure <br />
- aimdot color is remembered correctly now <br />
- Widowmaker shoots a little slower <br />
- mac 10 toned down <br />
- fixed the widowmaker 2x zoom on start <br />
- Worked on smoke grenades <br />
- changed locational Damage : <br />
Headshot : sniper only <br />
Torsoshot: normal damage (Sniper 1shot kill) <br />
Arms : 50% Damage (Sniper takes 2 shots) <br />
Legs : 40% Damage (Sniper takes 2 shots) Speed is a little affected the less legs you have the slower you get) <br />
- increased Flashbang effects <br />
- Shellshock from Nades/Claymores should be in again without Pure <br />
- aimdot color is remembered correctly now <br />
- Size of aimdot changeable via slider in Options (ripped from IR2) <br />
- Go into aim mode while firing <br />
Changed Characterstats : <br />
- Xin and JimLee have 85 HP and 260 GroundSpeed <br />
- Crusader and MrAnarchy have 115 HP and 220 Groundspeed <br />
- all other 100 HP and 245 Groundspeed <br />
- Heartbeat should be going down a littler faster while resting (about 2 BPM every 2 secs) <br />
- no static vertical recoil anymore. Added little Random effect so that norecoil keybind isnt that effective anymore <br />
- Updated weaponstats. Perhaps they are now too low as they are 50% less damage due to the bhardcoremode Bugfix <br />
- Inventory should reopen now if closed by error (as long as equipmenttime is running) <br />
- Increased Jump Impact so fewer jumps. <br />
- G36 accuracy fixed. <br />
- Muzzle flash textures reduced in size <br />
- Players now GIB when killed by grenade or claymore <br />
- Fixed Crusader to have 115 Health. <br />
- Fixed Scopewobble issue on G36 <br />
- Fixed the overpowered DE (hopefully) <br />
- Terrormodels shouldnt glow any more in the dark <br />
- Headshotzone fixed on sniper. Torso was also instantdeath <br />
- Changed Widowmakermuzzleflash and firingrate <br />
- Fixed Falling- and Stomping damage which was messed up due to hardcoremode now being switched off <br />
- Tracerfire should be back in <br />
- Grenades no longer disappear into walls <br />
- Remove muzzle flash from MAC10, it has a silencer and they dont have muzzle flashes <br />
- Crusader should start with silver M4, not black M4 <br />
- TK penalty greater - if you TK two (2) people you die <br />
- screen blue when died under water (thanks to Edge for fixing this in Pure ripped it from <br />
there) <br />
- removed 1 throw weapon <br />
- 3rd person ak47 fixed <br />
- recoil on snipers reduced <br />
- Ghostcam can be enabled again <br />
- SMGs changed so they are more accurate unaimed than ARs but worse aimed than AR. So SMGs <br />
should be good for CQC. <br />
- M203 recoil reduced. <br />
- fixed bug that if you openend the Menu before the intro does, that the backgroundimage <br />
disappeared <br />
- Removed several Bugs that cause Accessed Nones in the UT Log <br />
- Bots should start with proper Weapons now. <br />
- new AmmoCounter included <br />
- Menupopup on connecting should be fixed <br />
- Recoil on Steyr and G36Scoped decreased <br />
- Steyr fires faster now <br />
- Grenadeanimation should be in again <br />
- Resizing and Color of Aimdot displayed in Options <br />
- After Dying with zoomed sniper scope should vanish and should unzoom while spectating <br />
- Screen shouldnt turn 90° around anymore. (Was a gibbing bug) <br />
- black M4 should now be black in 3rd person. (Was before but under weird lighting it looked gray) <br />
- M4 and M203 should have same firingrate now <br />
- You should be able to fire someone else onto roofs.
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