Les développeurs de Survarium continuent de tenir le rythme des mises à jour qu'ils s'étaient fixé et après celle de juillet, c'est tout naturellement en septembre que débarque la version 0.44 du titre. Cette mise à jour apporte l'anti-cheat BattlEye (qui a récemment été implanté dans Rainbow Six : Siege, entrainant 4000 bans la première semaine d'activité) ainsi que des bots. Ces derniers pourront être ajoutés dans des parties personnalisées histoire que les débutants puissent se faire la main avant de servir de chair à canon.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle, accompagnée d'une vidéo de présentation.

The Complete List of Changes

Weekly Treasure Hunt event has been introduced into the game instead of location search after each match. The main prize and the number of trophies in Treasure Hunt depend on the maximum faction level of your character.
You will now receive an additional reward (silver and spare parts) for wins.
You will now have a chance to get a free stash map for a win. You can get up to 2 free stash maps per week. You can have up to 2 free stash maps at any moment (the restriction applies only to stash maps you get for free).
Grenade toss time decreased to 0.8 sec.
Changed the time required to swap a weapon. The heavier the weapon, the more time it takes to pull it out or holster:
For weapons lighter than 1 kg: pull out – 0.6с, holster – 0.4 sec.
For weapons from 1 to 2.5 kg: pull out – 0.7 sec, holster – 0.5 sec.
For weapons from 2.5 to 5 kg: pull out – 0.9 sec, holster – 0.5 sec.
For weapons from 5 to 8 kg: pull out – 1.1 sec, holster – 0.6 sec.
For weapons heavier than 8 kg: pull out – 1.3 sec, holster – 0.7 sec.
Mines and explosives now can be destroyed by a bullet. Explosives won't detonate in this case.
Mines and explosives now detonate when they are in an explosion radius of other explosive upon its detonation.
You can now disarm explosives and traps while holding Glow of the Forest (Artifact Hunt mode).
Decreased the health threshold below which the character's hands are considered broken.


Added bots (AI opponents) for new players.
Added an option to play a training match with bots (on any level).
Bots (AI opponents) are available on the following locations: Rudnya, School, Vostok Radar Station, Chemical Plant, Tarakanovsky Fort, Cologne Bridge.
Bots (AI opponents) are available in the following game modes: Team Deathmatch, Research, Battery Retrieval.

Equipment and Weapons

Added MP-443 Grach (Yarygin pistol): damage – 30, armor-piercing – 30, rate of fire – 350. Available at the Renaissance Army on Captain rank.
Added CZ-75 pistol: damage – 28, armor-piercing – 35, rate of fire – 350. Available at Scavengers on Veteran rank.
Added Beretta 93R pistol: damage – 24, armor-piercing – 30, rate of fire – 700. A rare tier 7 pistol which can be found in Treasure Hunt.
Plastic explosives C-4 added to the game. It is available at Black Market upon reaching Centurion rank.
APS pistol is now available on the 7th equipment tier. Damage increased to 25, armor-piercing increased to 30.
Colt Python revolver is now available on the 7th equipment tier. Damage increased to 40, armor-piercing increased to 40, rate of fire increased to 300.
FN FNC, M4A1: added 3 rounds burst mode.
L85A2: added 2 rounds burst mode.
Slug: damage coefficient decreased to 50%.

Technical Changes

Implemented BattlEye anticheat software. We will automatically ban all players who use hacks.
Added sorting of the players' names by activity (non-active players and banned hackers are displayed in the end of the list).
Initial graphics settings now can be automatically set based on the videocard's peformance.
Increased width of the player name combo box in replays.
Decreased the size of video memory when restrictions for resolution and resolution scale are applied in the renderer for slow PCs.

Bug Fixes

Fixed lighting issues on London location.
Fixed several critical issues crashing the game client.
Fixed issues leading to long lobby loading.
Fixed several issues with switching between windows (Alt+Tab).
Score points for a saved ally are being awarded correctly now.
Fixed Winchester display in the Workshop.
Fixed display of module descriptions of Minimi lightmachine gun.
Fixed an issue with incorrect battery display in the battle log (one delivered battery was displayed several times).
Fixed display of ACOG х6 sight on the renderer for slow PCs.
Fixed "Optimal settings" button functionality.
Fixed collisions on Chemical Plant and Cologne Bridge.
Fixed various UI issues.
Fixed an issue when "Protected" text wasn't displayed when aiming at an enemy.
Fixed an issue when an ally's name wasn't displayed when aiming at the character.
Fixed an issue with Survarium launcher when proxy server settings couldn't be determined for a very long time.
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