Electronic Arts vient de sortir le patch 1.02 pour Battlefield : Hardline. On retiendra surtout la correction des crashes avec les cartes graphiques Nvidia, les ajustement du respawn lors des sessions en Team Deathmatch ou encore l'équilibrage de certaines armes (K10, Saiga, PTR 91, HCAR, HK51, RO993, Jury 410, FMG9, AKM).

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

- Bronze packs – changes made to the last slot drop to improve the chances of collectibles and vouchers rather than boosts.
- Silver packs - made the first 3 slots like a Bronze pack, and removed any chances of getting standard drops and increased the chances of collectibles for the last slot.
- Gold packs - made the first 4 slots as Silver pack, and removed any chances of getting standard items, drops advanced vouchers and greatly increased the chances of getting superior or distinguished items.
- Shortcut Battlepacks added.
- Added the Prima Guide's Gold Battlepack.

- Adjusted the RPG to only have 1 ammo when picked up from a vehicle trunk and to have less splash damage.

Crash Fixes
- Fixed a crash related to some specific Nvidia based video cards.
- Fixed some low reproduction crashes related to video card drivers.
- Fixed crashes in multiplayer based on data from BugSentry (internal crash tracking tool for live servers).

- Bullet impacts near the player no longer cause camera shake in certain cases.
- Fixed an issue in the Hollywood Heights map that allowed players to grab cash through a roof in the Blood Money game mode.
- Optimized game engine to increase graphics performance while punkbuster is running.

- Fixed an issue where the Hotwire game mode was showing as available for the Hollywood Heights MP map.
- Adjusted Team Death Match spawns so player is closer to friendlies and further from enemies.
- Adjusted tickets to 600 for Conquest Small and 999 for Conquest Large.
- Added Conquest Large to the Growhouse map.
- Fixed an issue were some game modes didn't have the correct amount of tickets.

- Fixed an issue with server customization settings for certain game modes.
- Added ability to clear and save a maplist when using the remote console server controls.
- Increased the size of the text character limit for the MP map lists.

Shortcut Kits
- Added licenses for all items granted in the DLC shortcuts.

- Fixed an issue where players could bypass the timer at the beginning of the round during Rescue and Crosshair.
-Fixed an issue with the Chinese language EULA referring to another game title.

- Reduced the health of the couch and reduced the rate at which it can be repaired.
- Adjusted the criminal and law enforcement variants of the sedan so that they now take the same damage per bullet from weapons.

Weapon Tuning
- K10 - reduced start damage to 33 and end damage to 8
- Saiga, PTR 91, HCAR, and HK51 - reduced the amount of vertical recoil
- RO993 - increased the rate of fire to 850
- Jury 410 - increased the amount of damage per pellet to 20
- FMG9 - increased max damage to 25
- Battle Rifle ammo - increased min damage to 25
- AKM - bullet min damage decreased to 24

- Fixed dev only bugs related to command line arguments used for testing.
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