Personne ne parle de Nether, et pour cause, avec la mode actuelle des jeux de survie avec des zombies et des mondes ouverts, il y a énormément de candidats, et très peu d'élus. Pourtant, les développeurs continuent de soutenir le jeu avec des patchs réguliers. Le dernier en date est celui du mois de janvier et il est plutôt conséquent. Il ajoute par exemple une moto (en mode très très alpha pour le moment) que vous pourrez voir dans la vidéo ci-dessous.

Features in the Patch:

• Motorcycle/Dirt Bike- There are motorcycles that spawn in the world. This is very much in a "early access" state- if you are carrying gear you don’t want to lose, it is recommended you deposit the gear in the global inventory before riding.
Known issues:
• There is some network rubberbanding that causes bike to appear to hiccup
• If bike is laying down, press E to start flipping it over, and E again when it is upright
• FRAPS may have perf issues while riding motorcycle.

• Group System- Group chat, group members show up on map, easily identifiable nametags

Group system overview/instructions:
• Access the group screen from the main menu bar.
• Invite people to your group by clicking the plus icon next to their name in the right most column.
• Invites appear in "invites" window. You can accept or ignore them. Accepting an invite, while your currently in a different group will cause you to leave that group.
• You can send chat messages to only your group members by beginning your message with /group.
• You can return to global chat by typing /say.
• Group member's name tags always appear over their heads.
• Group member's locations can be seen in the map screen.
• Group system chat is enabled with /group [message]
• To switch back to global chat type /say [message]

• Escort Mission- new objective where you have to bring a heavy box with a glowing beacon to shopkeepers in Safezones. The box attracts Nether, and you can’t use weapons while holding the box, so 'Group' up with other players to successfully complete the objective. Everyone in your 'Group' will receive the escort reward.
•Escort items will display where to take them when you go to pick them up
- They will also display where to take them in the item details in inventory
- To drop escort items you need to go into inventory and drop the escort item from there

• New Cosmetic Gear in the marketplace- Russian Hat, Motocross Helmet, Ski mask (balaclava), Ballcap, Face Bandana, Half Mask, Spray Mask

Notable Fixes:

• Disabled console log off
• Stamina drains on jumps, to discourage sprint-jump bunny hopping (note jump does not require stamina to use)
• Fixed bugs with Character screen not showing proper items
• Made it so nametags for group members look different and appear more readily.
• Fixed bug with map objective info not appearing correctly online.
• Hid lock and quest icons for quickslot item icons.
• Adjusted red dot sight to be more clear and smaller
• Fixed issues with Glider not showing up on other players
• Added enemies to subways
• Various Map fixes
• Various Nether bomb fixes
• Fixed stat screen interface issues
• Fix for throwing grenades in Safezones
• Adjusted ground textures, wear patterns on ground
• Fixed the courier package inventory icon to match the mesh
• Added Safezone protection timer with a random variable between 10-15 seconds
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