7 Days to Die, le clone générique de DayZ où l'on peut casser des éléments du décors vient de passer en alpha 6. Avec 500 000 dollars récoltés avec une campagne de financement participatif, on se demande encore comment ce jeu peut être aussi mou et chiant — sans compter qu'il est affreusement moche. Dans cette nouvelle version de l'alpha (que vous pourrez trouver sur Steam en accès anticipé pour plus de 30€), les développeurs ont agrandi le monde, ajouté une option vous permettant de fabriquer armes et balles, ajouté trois zombies des neiges, etc. Vous trouverez également des corrections de bugs et la possibilité de configurer les boutons de votre souris dans le jeu.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Official Alpha 6 Release Notes

Added new snow Biome into Navezgane
Added brand new metal forging system for making ingots, gun-parts and bullet parts
Added weapon breakdown system and crafting for the pistol, shotgun, sawed off shotgun, sniper rifle and bullets
Added 3 new snow biome zombies including the Frigid Hunter, the Frozen Lumberjack and the Frostbitten Worker
Added dynamically sized loot containers and UI
Added mouse key bind support
Added new server info panel for the server browser window showing all game options
Added game options to Disable/Enable NAT for player hosted games
Added scrap iron, scrap brass and scrap lead special wildcard recipes to the top of the recipe list.
Added new weapon breakdown special wildcard recipe to the top of the recipe list with a special yellow color
Added a new “suck nearby items” function: when you press E all items on the ground in a 4m radius get moved towards the player and auto-collected
Added new Take All loot container hot key which shares the players reload binding
Added new DaysToRespawnIfPlayerLeft option to spawners so zombies won’t spawn inside locations that have been cleared unless abandoned by players for several days cities are excluded
Added tooltip line sound and gui that shows help for some special recipes, weapon repair, weapon breakdown and new forge functions
Added new primitive Stone Axe and Sharp Stone weapons
Added 2 new gas station points of interest to the snow biome
Added a large ghost town point of interest in the southeast desert biome
Added a huge ski lodge and sawmill in the north east corner of the snowy biome
Added 3 new different army recon campsites with sandbags and foxhole trenches and military loot at various biomes to Navezgane
Added a new business to the plains and 4 new campsites at various biomes to Navezgane
Added car wrecks in the world with static crawler and dogs spawners in the areas
Added new gravel and asphalt roads and ponds and lakes to the new larger Navezgane
Added more cars, road signs and light poles to the new larger Navezgame
Added many new player starts spawn locations to Navezgane
Added medicine cabinets, televisions and paintings to the buildings and houses in Navezgane
Added full sound sets for crafting, forging, map and build menus
Added military loot to new military munitions chest
Added iron bars model and crafting recipe
Added new Tungsten Door & Recipe
Added recipe to break scrap metal walls down into scrap metal
Added forge and iron wall block and recipe
Added paging for game options panels to accommodate the growing number of game options
Added medicine cabinet as a new type of loot list
Added army awning tents blocks, sandbags and camo netting for army camps
Added clay lump recipe from corn meal and water
Added corn meal loot to cupboards
Added weight to tools so all sensible items can be melted down or turned to scrap for forging
Added empty bullet casings, 9mm bullets, 10mm bullets, 7.62 bullets, candlestick, trophy, car batteries, radiators, Venison stew, Blueberry Pie to loot
Added Forge GUI backdrop, animation and Forge particle system
Added large and small bullet casing items
Added icons for bullet casings
Added bullet tip item
Added icon for bullet tip item
Added brass door knob item for scrap material
Added lead fishing weight item for scrap material
Added broken down gun pieces for all weapons except the RL and Hunting Rifle
Added mold objects for all gun components
Added new tooltip hints when placing items in the forge
Added car lead battery loot item
Added new stone axe, sharp stone recipes
Added rocks to plains and desert biomes
Added sniper rifle recipe
Added ingot mold recipes for brass and lead
Added clay drop chance to desert ground and forest
Added recipe for concrete from cinder blocks
Added short shotgun barrel mold recipe
Added text entries for new enemies, items and molds
Added model and icon for scrap iron, scrap brass, scrap lead and scrap tungsten
Added brass candlestick item and icon and made it useable as a club weapon
Added icons for trophies
Added mold icons for lead, iron, brass, aluminum and copper ingots
Added icons for bullet casings, bullet tip, 9mm, 10mm and 7.62mm bullets
Added icon for stone axe, sharp stone and iron bars
Added new scrap iron, brass and lead models and icons


Changed the size of Navezgane increasing it by 33%
Changed client inventory is now saved every 30s to the server or when the client quits.
Changed spawn rules to be governed by the hosts Friendly Fire settings. With FF on new players will spawn away from each other at a random spawn point as this option supports PVP play with FF off new players will spawn near each other as this option supports cooperative play.
Changed sleeping bag rules so the game remembers your last placed sleeping bag or bed only and auto spawns you here without selecting it.
Changed fat zombie cop puke attack range 33% shorter and half damage to players
Changed all firearms to use bullets instead of magazines to work better with forging of bullets
Changed all metal objects now have weight so they can be scrapped into metal for the forge
Changed removed iron ingot recipes, they must be forged now
Changed zombie spawning in major cities during day to have more zombies and respawn faster
Changed biome spawning so that min distance is 16 was 32
Changed removed iron ingot recipes from Iron wall and iron ore now you must melt them
Changed metal_medium and metal_hard to have more durability
Changed Game Info to use key value pairs instead of a : separated list w/backwards compatibility
Changed paintings, modern couches, end tables and small televisions so they can be picked up
Changed removed Fat zombie cops from Diersville, they will be limited to night spawning
Changed City Biome to have more day walkers
Changed chance to find painkillers in garbage and other loot now that there are medicine cabinets
Changed key bind window to NGUI
Changed Sun movement is now from east (morning) to the west (evening)
Changed Snow zombies to use fat zombie hand attack
Changed removed m136 rocket launchers and rockets from wall safes
Changed removed old recipes for scrap metal from tin cans, candy tins, hub caps and air filters to prepare for the forging system
Changed garage loot to exclude painkillers and include shovels, pickaxes and fire axes
Changed spawn locations marked by stars are no longer shown on the map
Changed snow blocks now have a chance to drop dirt, snow and clay
Changed reduced shotgun ammo from loot
Changed camp fire recipe to use a log circled with small rocks
Changed bullets so they can be broken down to retrieve ingredients
Changed coming next load screen image for next release
Changed throworganichitstone1.wav to sound more like flesh hitting stone
Changed all ammo pieces and individual bullets to stack 500 per item
Changed recipe so you get more gunpowder from coal and potassium nitrate
Change increased chance for clay drop on all top ground layers
Changed cinder blocks so they can be picked up
Changed ladders so they burn as fuel in the forge
Changed buckshot to get eight from one lead ingot
Changed corpses so they gib easier
Changed brass lights to drop scrap brass

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug that would not pop up an error window upon finding out the server is not connected to NAT during connection.
Fixed bug when selecting a server in the server browser, ones with similar information would also be highlighted
Fixed bug when starting a private game, you were unable to invite friends to join via steam friend invite system
Fixed bug causing bottled water to show up too much in cupboards and not enough food
Fixed small business buildings that had light fixtures blocking the players path
Fixed black block in desert junkyard
Fixed looting nurse zombie sound to play looting corpse sound
Fixed mp5 reload scale problem
Fixed missing material on clay lump
Fixed coal ore blocks to burn & increased coal piece burn value
Fixed the zombie noise system that was broken
Fixed deer so they cannot climb ladders
Fixed chopped logs to drop pine trunks
Fixed bug where 2 players can now activate the forge at the same time
Fixed bug where clients can breakdown weapons in coop now
Fixed world “cut lines”
Fixed short metal pipes so they can be scrapped
Fixed pipe bomb throw animation stuck glitch
Fixed Crossbow now has a bolt when taking in the hand
Fixed pickaxe hold loop problem

Known Issues

When you light a pipebomb and don’t throw it, it will explode but the pipebomb is not “deleted”/removed from your inventory. If you die, all of them are dropped, including the one that exploded.
Players can sometimes get stuck in small vertical spaces less than 2 blocks high like on top of a cinder block or trash pile
Mac builds need to quit via the task manager
Rocket Launchers and Hunting Rifles cannot be broken down yet or crafted
Upgrading to Alpha 6 will sometimes cause players to lose their key bindings. If this happens go into options/controls/restore defaults and hit apply then close the game and start again to fix the problem
Alpha 6 has some unresolved animation issues caused from the Unity 4.3 upgrade including the cross bow animation and zoom
Male punch animation doesn’t play
Some items have only been translated to English
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