Zombie Studios, les développeurs de Blacklight : Retribution viennent de faire passer leur FPS F2P en version v1.300. Ce patch ajoute une nouvelle map, de nouveaux équipements (des camouflages), une nouvelle arme (un tomahawk) et augmente la limite de niveau à 50 (contre 45 auparavant). Cette rustine se concentre également sur l'équilibrage global du jeu avec de nombreux changements au niveau des dommages infligés par les armes et corrige tout un tas de bugs.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle et le jeu est jouable gratuitement via son site officiel.

*New Dropzone map – Battle your enemies for control of this ruined metropolitan courtyard!
*Barricade Mk.2 – This new shield features better visibility and stuns enemies when you hit them with it, but cannot be deployed.
*Cloak Mk.2 – This variation of the Cloak has a limited duration, but hides you from Infrared scopes as well as normal vision.
*IR Protection Gear – This piece of gear dampens your heat signature, preventing you from showing up on Infrared scopes.
*Sonic Tomahawk – This non-exploding version of the Tomahawk features a sharper, heavier blade that does more damage when thrown or swung.
*The level cap has been raised to 50! New rewards await those agents skilled enough to reach Level 45 and Level 50.


*The Burstfire Rifle's base damage has been reduced from 55 to 50.
*The Snub 260's recoil has been reduced from 9.68 to 8.07.
*The Combat Rifle's Spread-Move has been increased from 3.00 to 3.66.
*The stun duration of the Stun Shuriken has been reduced by 60% for non-direct hits.
*The damage fall-off radius for the Exploding Tomahawk has been reduced by half.
*Move-Spread and Scope-In times are now affected by the weapon's weight.
*It is no longer possible to cancel the HRV Jammer's activation.
*The Repair Tool can now repair Turrets and Barricades up to double their starting health.
*The HRV Jammer now displays a blue ring to friendly players that denotes its radius, similar to the bomb in Search and Destroy.
*Stamina has been increased on armor builds with less than 200 health. The increase ranges from +1 second at 190 health up to +5 seconds at 150.
*Heroes with 237.5 health were getting rounded down to 237; they now instead round up to 238.
*Players are now sorted into teams based on their Skill stat, rather than their score from the previous match.


*It is no longer possible to bypass a Barricade with melee weapons at point-blank range.
*Going into Spectate mode while holding a flag or bomb will no longer prevent other players from interacting with it.
*Reduced the trigger radius for climbing ladders.
*Fixed a bug in which you could exit the playable area in Vertigo.
*Fixed a bug in which you could exit the playable area in OffShore.
*Buying an item for 0 gp will no longer cause your GP to appear to drain to 0.
*Adjusted the position of several nodes in S+D mode that were preventing nearby weapon depots from being used.
*Fixed a bug that could allow players to equip two of the same gear item at once.
*Fixed an issue that would cause NPCs to spawn outside of the playable area in Onslaught.
*The Charge Zen button once again opens the billing page in an external browser window.
*Fixed a typo on the Bolt Action Rifle emblem.
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