Les développeurs de The War Z viennent d'annoncer sur leur page Facebook que The War Z changeait de nom pour devenir Infestation : Survivor Stories. D'après les développeurs, le changement de nom intervient à cause d'une confusion avec une autre licence avec le même titre (le film éponyme avec Brad Pitt).

Pour fêter ça, les développeurs viennent de mettre en ligne le dernier patch du jeu, dont la liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

New Additions
The name of the game has changed! The games new name is now: Infestation: Survivor Stories The game and all applicable website URL's will be updated with this name as well.
Character names are now affected by the Profanity Filter. New characters will no longer be able to create names with profanity in them. Circumventing this filter can lead to a permanent ban of your account.
Added additional words to the Profanity Filter.
We've Changed the way the server browser selections menu functions. Now when you click "Play Game" you will be presented with channel tabs. On the left side of the channel you can click it to browser servers. On the right hand side you can click it to quick join.
Updated Boulder with a new survivor stronghold, safe settlement section (overrun - non-functional), and expanded military camp. For more info check out the Dev Diary HERE. http://forums.infestationmmo.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F25920-dev-diary-67-boulder-modifications-and-improvements-to-the-loot-system%2F
Adjusted some vehicles, climbable objects, and walls for a greater gameplay experience in Clearview.
Updated spawn points around Clearview to help combat spawn camping. This is an initial test and if it works out we will do the same for other cities.
We have removed the Hardcore option from the game. Unfortunately this feature was not being used by many players. All current Hardcore characters will remain until death.
Hardcore leaderboards have been removed from the game.

System Improvements
Reduced the distance at which zombies are visible.
Improved the grass on all video settings.
Improvements to lighting shaders.
Updated zombie and player animations for a performance boost.
Updated zombie pathing across the entire map.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a crash with PhysX. This "should" clear up the majority of crashes that have been happening lately.
Fixed a bug that made it so chat tabs were not visible when spawning in with spawn protection.
Fixed a bug that prevented keyboard input for lockbox codes.
Fixed a bug that allowed players to clip through Riot Shields.
Fixed a bug that displayed Colorado as the last map played for characters that have never been in-game.
Fixed a bug that displayed an incorrect bind when picking up items with a non-default key.
Fixed a bug that would cause the scroll bar to get stuck when right clicking a scrollbar in your inventory.
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