25 mai 2013, 17h09 Icone Sanctum 2

Sanctum 2 patché

Coffee Stain Studios vient de patcher à nouveau Sanctum 2 afin de modifier les règles d'attribution des ressources entre les vagues. Plus besoin d'aller chercher les ressources près du cœur, ces dernières étant désormais attribuées automatiquement aux joueurs. Par ailleurs, les joueurs peuvent désormais s'échanger les ressources et voir le nombre de ressources qu'il coûte pour upgrader les tourelles.

Niveau gameplay, les tourelles sont désormais plus puissantes et les perks ont été modifiées.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Major updates:

Resources no longer drop by the core, players recieve resources directly now.
Towers are more powerful now; upgrade bonuses at new level thresholds are significantly higher.
Players can now share their resources with other players by injecting their resources into other players, similar to when you upgrade towers. Do this by aiming at another player and hold LMB (tower resources) or RMB (tower bases).
Resources required to upgrade a tower is now displayed in the upgrade bar.
Swarm enemies (Runners, Pups, Snorkers) will come in much larger groups now instead of one at a time to differentiate them more from other enemies and make AoE better against them. Let the gibs and intestines fly!

Minor fixes

If a player leaves their resources are split among the other players to stay coherent with the new resource system.
Stacking Amp Tower exploit fixed - only the strongest Amp Tower now affects nearby towers. It was getting a bit ridiculous. In light of this fix, leaderboards have been reset. On the bright side however, Amp Tower damage bonus has been increased & upgrade cost lowered.
Fixed enemy scaling when players join/leave games. HP is scaled depending on what wave a player joins/leaves in. Should be more fair now.
Fixed an oversight where the wrong icons were displayed in the PC version.
Inactivity camera no longer activates when you have the map enlarged.
Button for the Sanctum 2 Wiki added in the pause menu (go contribute!)
Overcharging towers increases in speed the longer you do it.
Fixed an issue where the game couldn’t detect a save file.
Feat of Strength - Hardcore now applies the recycle penalty in survival.
Broken towers are displayed as broken on the minimap.


Overcharge damage 500 -> 600
Plumber Shoes damage 5000 -> 4000
Phoenix damage boost 50% -> 25%
Unstable core damage 750 -> 1000
There's currently a display bug that shows the damage as 100. This does not affect the actual damage.
Against all odds max bonus 40% -> 50%
There's currently a display bug that shows the bonus per enemy as 1%. It is actually 10%.
Adrenaline rush speed boost 1% -> 2%, duration 5.5 sec -> 6 sec
Core-Tower Synergy can no longer decrease the damage of towers when used in combination with the resilient core perk
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