Les développeurs de Hawken viennent de sortir un bon gros patch pour leur FPS avec des méccas. Ce dernier ajoute notamment le niveau Facility, une usine située en plein désert, disponible dans les modes de jeux suivants : Team Deathmatch, Missile Assault et Deathmatch. Le patch corrige également une petite tournée de bugs et ajoute la possibilité de faire des railleries à la fin des parties.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Increased all mechs starting armor by 50.
Designer's Note: We wanted to increase time-to-kill (TTK) for all mechs and decided on a flat rate over a percentage. With too large of a percentage, trying to kill a Type-C mech would push overheating limits. If we made the percentage too small, the TTK for Type-A mechs will still be too short. We'll be watching for player feedback and gameplay data to determine if this first step towards a TTK sweet spot is in need of tweaking in future patches.


NEW Map: Facility
Available for Team Deathmatch, Missile Assault, and Deathmatch.
Facility-only servers will also be available as Custom Servers for a limited time.
New Facility map Service Awards available to unlock.
Assorted map collision and art adjustments, mostly focused on Front Line.


NEW Repair Drone: RD-0RB1T
NEW Thruster: JT-Bowshock
NEW Camouflages: Ash-GRY, Badlands-BRN, Fatigue-GRN, Granite-PCH, Survival-GRN, Tide-BLU
Holo Taunts
Increased duration from 7 to 10 seconds.
Increased size by 10%.


Decreased armor from 1000 to 750.
Increased duration from 13 to 15 seconds.
Repair Charge
Decreased absorption rate by 30% This change applies to all health orbs as well.


Mech Indicators
Increased size of ability icons and callsigns.
Enemy health bar indicator will now always display as long as you can see their callsign.
Enemy turrets show up on your radar if they are firing. The detection distance is the same as an enemy firing.

General Improvements

Added option to view others pilots' Profile and Achievements as long as they're in your Friend List. Right-click on the pilot's callsign in your Friend List to view.
Added taunting to post-match results screen. Press "G" to Mech Taunt and "H" to Holo Taunt. Additionally, press "Left Shift" to fire up your thrusters, and "C" to show your repair animation.
Text added to Ready Up Screen to denote that auto-balance is turned on.
Test Drives
Test Drive mechs will be automatically redeemed to your inventory for the Test Drive period.
Expired Test Drive mechs will be updated and auto-redeemed as well.
Automatically redeeming Test Drives mechs can be disabled as an option in the Settings menu.
Added option to show or hide expired Test Drive mechs in the Your Mechs pane.
Graphics optimizations including weapon projectiles, weapon trails, weapon impacts, explosions, thrusters, map textures, lighting, and more.
Graphics updates for Helix Repair Torch, Blockade, and Redox-O2 as well as some mech textures and PhysX materials in maps.
Audio tweaks including impact sounds, radio chatter distortions, and more.
Swapping weapons in the Garage now has an animation and shimmer effect.
Cleaned up localization text.

Bugs Fixed

TOW Missile and Detonator projectiles will no longer pass through Type-C mechs in turret mode.
Holograms now display desaturated paint camos.
Players will now be informed that they will not receive MVP awards if there are less than four people in the match. "MVP: Not Enough Players" will now display on the Post Match Stats page if there were not enough players to give out the XP reward.
The Submachine Cannon is no longer partially invisible.
A tower on top of the Prosk base is no longer missing segments.
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