Deux ans après la sortie d'E.Y.E. : Divine Cybermancy, le studio français Streum On Studio ne lâche toujours pas le morceau et prévoit un gros patch pour le jeu incluant notamment 4 niveaux en solo/coop (street, sewer, marsarena et arcturus).

Ce patch est accompagné d'un contenu téléchargeable intitulé « E.Y.E: Blood Games » contenant deux modes multijoueurs compétitifs. Ces derniers sont intitulés « Battle Royal » (last man standing) et « Team Artifact » (une sorte de CTF où l'on doit transporter un artéfact dans la base adverse).

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

· Added: 2 new multiplayers game modes: Battle Royal and Team Artifact with 6 new maps.

· Added: 4 new custom secondary and coop missions maps: cm_cu_street, cm_cu_sewer, cm_cu_marsarena and cm_cu_arcturus.

· Added: Leaderboards and stats for Battle Royal and Team Artifact.

· Added: Effects on the X2 aiming magnifiers.

· Added: Option to hide the crosshair.

· Added: Possibility to answer with the keyboard during dialogues.

· Added: Legs damages could slow the player up to 50% of its initial speed.

· Added: Maintenance consumes Stamina.

· Added: Icons showing which weapon has been used by a player to kill another one.

· Added: Avatars saves are stored in "my documents" folder. Old saves are moved there.


· Updated: FPS optimization while shooting.

· Updated: Improvement of the hacking AI.

· Updated: Players animations reworked.

· Updated: Textures of the aiming interfaces reworked.

· Updated: Adjustment of some textures.

· Updated: Balancing of the lean system.

· Updated: Modification of the players’ ragdolls parameters.

· Updated: Icons displayed in the armory reworked.

· Updated: Using a Psi power deactivates the Cloak and uses more Stamina.

· Updated: Balancing of the amount of XP won with some Psi powers.

· Updated: Improvement of the parry system with melee weapons: a player parried couldn't attack for a brief delay.

· Updated: Improvement of the melee weapon collision system.

· Updated: Particles visual effects removed when charging for a power attack.

· Updated: Maximum speed for the sprint increased up to twice.

· Updated: More important decrease of the Stamina while parrying.

· Updated: Backstab always kills in one shot.

· Updated: Probability to get the Detective achievement increased.

· Updated: Repositioning and visual improvement of the interface displayed at the player's dead.

· Updated: Deus Ex can't be killed anymore by Dragon Breath or Invocation powers.

Bug fixes:

· Fixed: Potential crash while hacking.

· Fixed: Dedicated server didn't run the map chosen during the setup.

· Fixed: Incorrect physbox on a case model.

· Fixed: Illumination position on a gargoyle statue model.

· Fixed: Blood spraying removed in case of a successful parry.

· Fixed: Incorrect tiling of some textures.

· Fixed: Issue with physical objects if taken by a player while another already holds it.

· Fixed: Sound script error for the Carnophage.

· Fixed: Error messages due to some particles.

· Fixed: Backstab message was displayed if Dragon Breath is used in the back of the target.

· Fixed: Changing firemode when equipped with melee weapons could prevent from attacking.

· Fixed: Issue on the first person view when a player was joining a game since another one was using the armory.

· Fixed: Availability to abusively use some actions through the keyboard shortcuts.

· Fixed: Players could be stuck in armory.

· Fixed: Availability to use some actions while the avatar creation interface was displayed.

· Fixed: Backstab message was displayed when attacking an allied even with friendly fire turned to 0.

· Fixed: Deletion on unused files.

· Fixed: Sound of the sentry could be looped in some circumstances.

· Fixed: Player could be equipped with more weapons than it should.

· Fixed: The chat windows could stay displayed after a change level.

· Fixed: The Kraak attacks always pushed the player in the same direction.

· Fixed: "my legs are ok" message wasn't displayed if healed with medkit.

· Fixed: Some kind of ammunitions weren't dropped by NPCs.

· Fixed: "Toggle HUD" action was preventing from switching weapon.

· Fixed: Flashlight couldn't be switched off while the player was cloaked.

· Fixed: Animation bug while jumping with a grenade.

· Fixed: Various typos in texts.

· Fixed: During a connection, the message "you are on Team spectator" could be displayed.

· Fixed: Throwing an object while running could cause the weapon to fire.

· Fixed: Availability to attack when sprinting during maintenance.

· Fixed: Bug related to the push on a ladder.

· Fixed: The hack interface displayed "me" instead of the player’s name actually hacked.
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