3 novembre 2011, 14h23 Icone Hard Reset

Hard Reset : Patch 1.2

Hard Reset, le FPS polonais de Flying Wild Hog vient de se voir mis à jour, passant ainsi en version 1.2. Cette nouvelle version ajoute notamment un mode de jeu (Survival) accompagné de deux nouveaux niveaux (Arrival Hall et Landing Pad) et de nouvelles options graphiques peu utiles (la 3D de chez Nvidia et le support de trois écrans). Cette rustine corrige également tous un tas de petits bugs et rééquilibre certains aspects du gameplay. Le patch sera effectif au prochain démarrage de Steam.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
What's new?
New Survival Mode. Two new maps are available: 'Arrival Hall' and 'Landing Pad'.
To launch Survival Mode, select 'New Game' and then 'Survival Mode'
Survival Mode is available in all the difficulty levels selectable for Hard Reset Campaign.
Added Leaderboards for the Survival Mode.
Full Nvidia 3dVision support.
Full Nvidia Surround support.
Support for multiple displays - recommended 3 display adapters for best effects, and several non-standard resolution modes.
To select the triple display mode in the game, change the Aspect Ratio to 'Other' in the Video Options menu, then select a resolution you wish to use.
Note that the 'Other' mode will be available only if you have 3 displays connected to your PC.
Added a 'Details' tab in the Profile screen - now you are able to check the score you achieved on each of the game's levels.

What's changed?
During bullettime, falling down won't cause additional damage to players.
Changed the way how the Mortar Cyborgs react to player in vicinity.
Crawling gorillas will explode when trying to jump off a higher place.
Changed the way how Melee Cyborgs behave - now you are able to avoid their attacks while sprinting - their aoe frontal cone was lowered.
All the crosshairs will be displayed in an appropriate way to objects in front of the player for 3dVision.
Changed the way how the messages and hints are displayed to a way more appropriate for 3dVision.
Changed the way how dynamic lightning is rendered on decals.
Changed the way how weapons are displayed on screen.
Changed the way how the HUD is displayed both in 3d and on multiple displays.
Improved support for dual SLI users.
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