NS2 se rapproche doucement de la version finale
Unknown Worlds vient de mettre en ligne un nouveau patch pour la version bêta de Natural Selection 2. Numérotée 163, cette nouvelle version est disponible via Steam et se téléchargera automatiquement au prochain lancement du jeu. la liste des changements est conséquente et se trouve détaillée dans la suite de la nouvelle. Il s'agit là d'une mise à jour assez mineure, essentiellement destinée à corriger les problèmes de son apparus dans la mise à jour 164.

Les développeurs ont également sorti une nouvelle vidéo (dans la suite de la nouvelle) de près de trois minutes durant laquelle ils annoncent les changements qui seront inclus dans la version 166 qui devrait sortir la semaine prochaine.

Build 165 changelog


* Fixed bug where logging into the command station would mess up player's weapons when logged out
* Updated infestation building sound to not be looping to reduce/fix out of channels problem
* Disabled distress beacon until it works without spawning people in stuck
* Fixed bug where looping sounds weren't destroyed when entities were destroyed
* All parented sounds and particles for all Actors are now destroyed when they are
* Fixed bug where armory arms opened on the wrong side (due to new random rotation of structures)
* Mask alien players' names from marines while gestating. This way, aliens can take advantage of the "camouflage" in the hive provided by all the other eggs (thanks Skyler!)
* Improvements and tweaks for all alien heal effects
* Added s_stats console command to display sound system statistics
* Added parasite animation and effect
* Added a tooltip for failing to place infestation as a Gorge
* Constrained the Gorge move velocity if building (used to work and then stopped for some reason)
* Added some tooltips to HydraAbility for failing to build Hydra
* Added additional profiling sections for particle related functions
* Increased infestation health from 250 to 500 to make currently slow-growing infestation from being wiped out too easily (especially at the hive)
* Fixed bug where Observatory could scan when it wasn't powered
* New pistol sounds
* Tweaks and iterations to guns and explosions (rifle, grenade launcher, shotgun)
* Parasite on power point goes away when power point destroyed
* Added back in marine/rifle/end
* Increased the amount of time the give damage indicator is visible from 0.25 to 1 second
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