MAG est l'un de seuls FPS console aussi bien soutenu
Zipper Interactive continue son excellent support de MAG qui passe aujourd'hui en version 2.11. Cette nouvelle version pèse 40 Mo et peut se télécharger dès à présent sur le PSN. Comme d'habitude, la liste des changements est conséquente et la nouvelle option mise en avant par les développeurs est l'ajout permanent de la neutralité des factions dans les modes de jeu « Domination et « Acquisition », jusqu'alors réservé à l'évènement organisé pour l'anniversaire du jeu. Les développeurs ont également amélioré le système d'XP, réalisé des optimisations au niveau de l'interface et des performances etc.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Patch v2.11
February 23, 2011 | 40MB (TPPS), 39MB (DLS)

Gameplay (General)

* Permanently added faction-neutrality to “Domination” and “Acquisition” game modes
* Improved ratio of launched game-types when using Multiqueue
* Fixed “Escalation” game-type exploit that allowed unintended amounts of additional game points to be earned under certain conditions
* The original three training missions unique to Raven, SVER and Valor have been reinstated (Blu-ray version only)
* Lessened the likelihood of players moving their aim while performing the “knifing” action with the PlayStation Move Motion Controller

Gameplay (Economy)

* Earned CP now takes “Bonus” XP into account as part of its equation
* Adjusted CP/ XP conversation rate so that lower-level players have the highest yield of CP-earned to XP-gained, with a lessening effect as they gain levels
* CP is now refunded when a player has gear they are no longer entitled to removed from their loadout


* Repaired “stuck grenade” bug that would sometimes prevent players from throwing grenades
* Slightly increased grenade-throwing speed following weapon-switch (all grenade types)


* Repaired icon display issue in “Escalation” game-type that would occasionally misrepresent which team was interacting with an objective
* Post-game Squad scoreboard no longer includes bonus XP in its display or rankings
* All three factions are now properly displayed for the “Escalation” game-type when using the Multiqueue

Audio/ Visual

* Grenade-throwing animations are now properly blended and no longer skip
* Various camera clipping issues have been addressed


* Subscription character slots B and C are now fully compatible with the downloadable version of MAG
* Eliminated glitch that prevented players from earning the “Duteous Maximus” trophy after the 2.10 update
* Fixed bug that prevented some players from being vote-kicked out of games
* Faction-specific videos have been restored (Blu-ray version only)
* Numerous crash fixes and performance improvements
* Multiple localization updates
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