serioussamhd_009.jpgLes développeurs de Serious Sam HD : The First Encounter viennent de sortir sur Steam une mise à jour pour le remake de leur FPS bourrin. Cette rustine corrige de nombreux problèmes mineurs liés au mode multijoueur ainsi que de petits soucis techniques comme une utilisation abusive de la mémoire.

Comme d'habitude avec Steam, la mise à jour sera effective au prochain démarrage du client.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Updates to Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

* Voting can change difficulty.
* Vote Time Ban Player.
* When a player leaves the game, its vote is reset and vote status is updated accordingly.
* Fixed multimonitor spanning resolutions and other non-standard resolutions were not appearing in the graphics options menu.
* Locale override can now be specified on the command line with "+locale " (without quotes), where is one of: enu, fra, itl, deu, esp.
* Non-signed .gro files are allowed for all localized files.
* Controller binding customization now supports Jump and Crouch commands.
* The last door on Karnak level (in campaign game, not demo) never opened in coop if Extra MP Enemies is OFF.
* Changed the DirectX detection to launch the DirectX setup provided with the game instead of directing users to web installer, since the web installer cannot fix broken installations.
* Some spawn effects were not visible on client machines.
* Fixed crumbs not being recached when some of their parameters changed through cvars or menus.
* Fixed problems with crumbs taking too much GPU memory.
* Fixed problems with GPU memory overflowing and/or slowdowns when entering Netricsa's enemies or weapons screens.
* Connecting to a server where no music is playing, would cause the client to crash at a later time.
* Fixed some problems with XAudio2 mixer on high sample rates.
* Fixed rare crash when menu got into a dummy state (no screen active).
* Fixed problem with full-screen gamma correction settings and/or other color presets not being applied when gfx mode has been restarted, or when going from full-screen to windowed mode and back.
* Invisible scrollbar arrow buttons no longer make focus-sound when mouse pointer moves across them.
* Fixed issue when sometimes a client would hit a projectile with a bullet, the projectile would just disappear without an explosion effect.
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