enemyterritoryquakewars_004.jpgEn juillet 2008, les développeurs du mod Quake Wars : Tactical Assault annonçaient sur leur site : « QWTA is dead. The site will stay up a while, and then be taken down. ». Mais depuis le début du mois d'avril, les mises à jour reprennent et apportent plusieurs améliorations, comme la compatibilité avec ETQW 1.5 et le support à la fois de Windows et de Linux.

« Plus de réalisme » : les développeurs ne cachent pas leurs ambitions. Ils précisent également qu'ils s'inspirent de Quake II et Quake 4 en reprenant certains concepts et en les adaptant à ETQW.

Site officiel : Quake Wars : Tactical Assault

La liste des nouveautés se trouve dans la suite de l'article.

QWTA v0.3.1:
* Cvar g_showPlayerArrows redefaulted to 2.
* Made some changes/improvements to the realistic damage fallback code.
* Player respawn timers reverted to be identical to BaseETQW.
+ Player feedback indicates BaseETQW gametypes are incompatible with
+ long respawn timers. A single-life last-man-standing gametype is planned
+ for a future QWTA release.
* Cvar g_useGibKills added.
+ Default 1.
+ Allows certain attacks(Currently only Covert/Infiltrator backstabs)
+ that don't normally instagib, to instagib so victims can't be revived.
* Cvar bot_useVehicleDrops added.
+ Default 0.
+ Enables/disables bots to attempt to call down new vehicles.
+ WARNING: See "Known Issues" section of the readme before enabling!
* Some technical changes to how the Jupiter is implemented.
* Cvar g_useClassLimits added.
+ Default 1.
+ Enables/disables the use of class limits.
* Force Escalation introduced as a concept.
+ Vehicles no longer have Rank requirements to be called in.
+ Force Escalation is an average XP count of all players on a server.
+ Vehicle Drops now use Force Escalation to determine when each vehicle
+ can be called in. Force Escalation reflects ongoing conflict in a battle,
+ and as it becomes more pitched, FE rises as central command takes further
+ notice of the hotspot, and lends more aid.
* Class limits will now dynamically adjust according to critical classes.
* Players using temporary class limit increases will be kicked out of their
class upon death, after the temporary increase is removed.
* Cvar g_modVersion added. Reports the version of QWTA that is in use.
* Current version of QWTA is now displayed in the lower-left of the main menu.

* Fixed Dark Matter Cannon having zero range blast radius in realistic mode.
* Fixed a variety of GDF GPMG and Gatling Gun vehicle weapon damage issues.
* Fixed negativePush flag not being copied over to inherited damageDefs.
* Fixed an unlikely potential crash by returning a BS value from a method.
* Fixed some minor Limbo GUI issues.
* Fixed issue with class limiter that was preventing bots from
giving up their spot to a human player when on a dedicated server.
* Fixed issue with the class limiter that was allowing players to bypass it
by switching teams.
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