crysiswarhead_019.jpgUn nouveau patch vient de sortir pour Crysis Wars, la partie multijoueurs de Crysis : Warhead. Cette version 1.2 tant attendue par la communauté corrige quelques bugs, rééquilibre de nombreux détails du gameplay (prix des armes, dommages de certaines armes, vitesse des roquettes etc.) et ajoute des touches de raccourcis pour mes modes de la nanocombinaison.

Pour 45 mo, ce patch peut se télécharger sur l'un des miroirs suivants :La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

* Fixed:Several client and server crashes.
* Fixed: Several memory leaks.
* Fixed: "" in level names in levelrotation.xml will now work.
* Fixed: Incorrect weapon recoil after zooming.
* Fixed: Claymore mines sometimes did not detect enemy players.
* Fixed: Potential exploits using client cvars.
* Fixed: Players not able to skip intro movies.
* Fixed: Reloading and shooting with the AY-69 will not cause a second reload animation anymore.
* Fixed: Saving of Favourite Servers and Last Played Server list.


* Balance: Reduced prices of AY and SMG.
* Balance: Increased price of Shotgun.
* Balance: Reduced price of the PS-Radar Kit.
* Balance: Adjusted weapon recoil by any SMG and Assault Rifle type weapons.
* Balance: Reduced Kill radius of any Explosive Weapons.
* Balance: Adjusted splash radius of any Explosive Weapons.
* Balance: Reduced rate of fire of the Grenade Launcher.
* Balance: Adjusted C4 vehicle damage.
* Balance: Increased LAW rocket Speed.
* Balance: Increased AAA Rocket speed.
* Balance: Increased AAA Rocket turn speed.
* Balance: Adjusted AAA Gun damage.
* Balance: Reduced splash damage of VTOL rockets against infantry.
* Balance: Increased damage of Helicopter rockets.
* Balance: Increased SOCOM damage.
* Balance: Increased AY69 damage.
* Balance: Adjusted Stand to Prone modifier for weapons.
* Balance: Adjusted Stand to crouch modifier for weapons


* Added shortcut keys for Nanosuit modes

A new patch is now available for Crysis Wars, offering the promised new version 1.2 of the multiplayer portion of Crysis Warhead, Crytek's first-person shooter follow-up. The patch is on the EA FTP server, where they also have the patch notes for the new version, outlining balance changes, bug fixes, and the addition of nanosuit shortcut keys. Downloads of the patch can also be found on AtomicGamer, ComputerGames.ro, FileFront, Gamer's Hell, and The Patches Scrolls.
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