Crytek Studios sera le sponsor officiel de la Games Convention Developers Conference (GCDC) qui se tiendra la nuit du 19 août. Le développeur allemand le plus en vue supportera donc officiellement l'évènement du jeu vidéo allemand le plus en vue. Les développeurs les plus talentueux du monde vont donc tous se réunir autour d'une grosse bouffe et d'un bon barbecue. Voilà, c'est super pour eux, amusez vous bien les gars.

LEIPZIG, Germany - July 25th, 2008 - Games Convention Developers Conference (GCDC) today announced that world renowned German game developer, Crytek, will be the official sponsor of GCDC Night on August 19th. The company behind the hugely successful First-Person Shooter (FPS) games, Far Cry and Crysis will co-host the most important networking event at the conference. GCDC takes place prior to the GC - Games Convention in Leipzig from August 18th-20th, 2008.

On the second night of the conference, the most important representatives of the gaming industry will gather for GCDC Night in a cozy atmosphere of barbecued food and cocktails.

"Having the most famous German development company as the main sponsor of the coveted GCDC Night supports our common goal to grow awareness of our key gaming brands internationally," said Frank Sliwka, project director of GCDC. "Everyone from the keynote speakers and lecturers to the attendees of the conference will find GCDC Night to be one of the best networking events for the games industry worldwide."

"After the busy hours of the conference, most of the attendees are happy to unwind at the GCDC Night," said Cevat Yerli, CEO & President of Crytek GmbH. "We want to capitalize on the cozy atmosphere to introduce our company and our visions to the renowned speakers and attendees."

Further information can be found on the GCDC website at: http://www.gcdc.eu.
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