soldner_014.jpgJoWooD Productions continue, quatre ans après sa sortie, de patcher Soldner : Secret Wars, et lui offre ainsi la possibilité de passer en version 33472 (il n'y a pas eu 33471 patchs précédement), corrigeant de très nombreux bugs, améliorant la stabilité et, entre autres, modifiant quelques éléments du gameplay.

Pour le téléchargement du patch, c'est par ici, et pour le changelog complet, lisez la suite de la nouvelle.

Changelog 33724

Changes Source
- Update physics engine (v0.039 to v0.9)
- Update Phython
- Update MemoryManagement
- Update ZLib
- several changes made to improve MemoryManagement
- reimplemented heartbeat
- fixed heartbeat-bug
- removed heartbeat intensification when jumping
- minor changes done to netcode
- added new feature to show who starts a vote
- changed transmission-settings to all wheeled vehcs
- changed types of some variables for better adjustments in the xml-data
- fixed Collisionbug which allowed players to enter stones, terminals, etc.
- fixed bug regarding the accuracy in ironsight-mode
- fixed bug which allowed simultaneous use of IR and NV
- homing missiles now need a lock to be launched
- reactivated ingame menu music
- deactivated bullet-leaf collision (bulletproof leaves)
- changes made to reduce passengerlag
- fixed "Airbug" (invisible after climbing)
- fixed "Jumpbug" (allowed long-jumps)
- fixed "Binocbug" (shooting with activated binoculars)
- fixed "3rdIR/NVbug" (use of IR/NV while in 3rd person)
- fixed "commanderbug" (commander confirms own teamaccount request)
- fixed "Jumpbug2" (use of binocs while jumping)
- fixed "LockBeyondAOIbug" (lock vehics even outside of AOI)
- fixed "Medikitbug" (score while healing dead comerades)
- fixed calculation of Medikit consumption
- fixed calculation of scoring
- fixed some causes of server-/clientcrashes
- fixed several collisionbugs

XML Changes
- reformatted XLM-files to coherent style and corrected defective entries
- changes made to rockets to improve general performance
- added missing files to meshinfo
- fixed errors in soundinfo.xml
- changed resistance of the trees
- TOW- and Stingerstand can not be moved by helicopters any more
- corrected some rocketlauncher's consumption of ammunition
- decreased power of TOW- and Stingerstands
- restricted range of all rocketlaunchers, bombs, rockets, missiles and tankshells
- increased ammunitioncosts of all rockets/missiles

Weapons and Equipment
- dropped weightlimit on Medikit, Scoutkit and Scubakit
- Scoutkit: lost parachute
- Grenade, Alhambra, TNT and M20 Granates: slightly improved
- ammunition-pack: increased cost to 50
- C4 Timed and C4 Remote: increased damage
- C4 Motion: decreased damage will harm Infantery only)
- PF89 and RPG18: added ability to damage heavy armor
- Neostad, added abitlity to move while kneeling
- all weapons: corrected shell ejection and powdereffects
- added ballistics to sniperweapons
- added breathing to scope-view
- Remington: sound corrected
- decreased soundvolume of M4
- new sounds: SV-98, VSS Vintorez, HK Mark 23 Silenced, MP5 Silenced:
- changed ironsights: Galil, M4 Carbine, M4/M203, M16 A1, M16 A2, HK 21, G36C, HK UMP, HK53, HK G3, Neostead, Ruger MP9, RG6, HK MP5, HK MP5 Silenced und A-91

- changed animations of: P90, Tavor 21, M4/M203, Ruger MP9, AK-74, KG-9, MP5, MP5 Silenced, Calico, Neostead, CheyTac, Hecate II, M93 Black Arrow, SSG 3000, Mechem NTW, Light Fifty, AWM, SV-98

- all turrets are operable by the driver.
- tankshells are visible again
- all vehics with radar: radar supports angle of 360°
- torque: adjustments made to all wheeled vehics
- suspension: adjusted on all vehics
- corrected armor-values of MBTs
- increased vertical deflection of APC's cannons and Vehicles MGs
- changed cameraposition of all vehicles MGs
- Tunguskas missilelaunchers got a reloadtime of 5 seconds
- Rolands missilelaunchers got a reloadtime of 5 seconds
- Avenger's missilelaunchers got a reloadtime of 5 seconds
- Type93's missilelaunchers got a reloadtime of 5 seconds
- Humvee will no longer be stopped by fences
- KSK Wolf got the grenadelauncher back again
- Fennek's gunner is visible now
- cool-down time of tank-engines prolonged
- cool-down time of vehic-engines reduced
- corrected drivers animation of Ural-6301 and EQ2102
- corrected weaponbank of TPz Fuchs
- overhauled handling of all amphibious vehics in water
- additional sound of a turbine added to M1A2 Abrams

Helicopters and Jets:
- renamed OA-10 Thunderbolt to A-10 Thunderbolt II
- A-10 got 6 freefall-bombs, 2 laserguided bombs and 2 Hellfire-Rockets
- all flying units: flares moved to weaponslot #1
- increased heat of jets and helicopters
- removed overheating feature of helicopter's MGs
- Hokum got Hellfire Rockets now
- increased Helix armour
- Comanche AntiAir: all weapons are pilot-operated
- increased health of Hind
- adjusted strength of Hydras
- adjusted strength of all missiles with lock
- fixed error at Littlebirg MGs weaponbank
- Gunner of Osprey is no longer able to take over the flares

- reactivated jet propulsion effect on all Jets and VTOLS
- changed weaponsound of UH1D, Littlebird and PAH Tiger
- overhauled handling of all helicopters
- all helicopters react faster now

- won't jump any more
- fixed passengerbug at 'VSV'
- added five passengerslots to Mark V
- removed overheating from Ship-MGs
- corrected type of munition on SOCR-Grenadelauncher


- fixed error in model of KA-29 Helix and HDT-10P
- Humvee has a gunnershield now
- MP5 and MP5 Silenced switched back to old model without scope.
- fixed chain and wheels of Typ98
- fixed several errors at model of Type85
- enlarged models of T80, T90, Type85 and VBL
- downsized models of Landrover, Izh and Lada
- corrected position of Landrovers and Ladas wheels
- fixed errors in lowpoly models of Mowag Eagle Recce, Marder, Avenger, Tpz Fuchs, Type98, Type 63
- reverted bushes to old, quite denser model

- Powerbase
* removed spawnpoints at both harbors
* removed TOW at CP Bravo
* rotated spawnzone of tankterminal at HQ red
* spawnvehicles set to Bradley and Dauphin on both HQs

- Aspenovich
* changed terminals

- Riverside
* removed TOW at both HQs
* removed Stinger at CP Echo
* Terminals at position of Riverside2's HQ Red/Blue removed (as Riverside2 is removed)

- Serpentine
* added terminal to CP Foxtrott

- Saint Rebecca
* spawn vehics limited to Luchs and PCV Jeep on both teams

- Baikal Sea
* removed spawnpoint inside house
* removed heli-terminals in both HQs (there are others behind the base)
* removed defective fence at CP Bravo

- Caledonia
* removed Landrover MG spawnvehicle
* redefined terrain

- Bruma
* Spawnvehics set to Fennek

- Plattenbau
* the level above the HQ level is inaccessible now

- Villariba vs. Villabajo
* removed TOW at CP Bravo

- Deep Forest
* fixed stonebug, so no one can enter it any more

- Mirage
* defanged sniperring around the map
* added new object (crashed LB)

- gEasy Beta Test
* removed Spawnpoint for Landrover MG

- Damaskus
* removed island with heliterminal
* added CP on a island near city

- Volcano
* repositioned flags, changed bases, removed hidden base with heli-terminal
* fixed minor bugs

- Swamp Island
* redesigned map to Infanterie-Only-Map. Removed all vehics

Following maps have been deleted:
- Arena Wars
- Crolle
- Houses
- Lost
- Small Mountains
- Fortress
- Luxusbuerg
- Mekong Delta
- Riverside 2
- SoldnerArena
- Volcano Island

Added following maps:
- Al-Shedin
- River of Kazan
- Countryside
- Warzone

- new object added (destroyed Littlebird)

- made it harder to flip over tanks
- vehics and tanks have less difficulties with barriers and craters
- vehics have the ability to swing out at sharp corners
- changed behavior at collision
- total overhauling of suspension (vehics & "dive" ; when breaking and "take off"; when accelerating)
- improved handling of vehics while jumping

- total rework done of settings and pricings for all pistols, rifles, grenades, launchers and equipment (created a new weaponguide to introduce the new weaponclasses)
- overdone balancing of helicopters, vehics and tanks

- KA-Hokum got a new animation for retracting the undercarriage
- added LMG36 (G36 C-Mag) and RPK (AK47 Longmag)
- added default camouflage to vecs for all maptypes (summer, autumn, winter, desert)
- added effect to amphibious vehics while at water
- changed Web Admin default password to 'soldnerserver'
- deactivated AGS V-M-I (Hit the dirt)
- inhibited the use of "!" in playernames

Following Vehicles had to be removed:
- Landrover MG
- M113
- Hovercraft
- M270 MLRS
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