openarena_006.jpgOpenArena, le FPS gratuit basé sur le Quake III Engine, vient tout juste d'être mis à jour grâce au patch 0.7.7. L'update peut se faire de 2 manières :

Voici la liste des améliorations :

Anyway, this is mainly a bugfix release. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you upgrade from 0.7.6 to 0.7.7 (or rather, from 0.7.1 to 0.7.6 to 0.7.7 for half of you)

- Fixed "Getting stuck bug"
- Fixed logging bug
- Fixed UI crash
- Fixed overflow in Multiplayer list + Some of beast's changes to server list (longer names)
- Instantgib and All rockets disabled during single player startup
- Clears nextmap after single player
- Windows only: new SDL.dll allows Caps Lock and Num Lock to be used as keys.
- Using protocol number 69, this should only now show servers running 0.7.7 (In other words, no more lotsofservers with 'invalid game folder' error)
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