medalofhonorairborne_001.jpgElectronic Arts vient tout juste de sortir le patch 1.3 pour Medal of Honor : Airborne. Très conséquente, cette mise à jour ne se contente pas de corriger des bugs puisqu'elle est largement orientée multijoueurs avec l'ajout de deux cartes (The Hunt Classic et Heraklion), deux armes (Springfield et G43), un nouveau mode de jeu (avec des objectifs). Toutes les cartes originales du jeu ont aussi été mises à jour pour pouvoir supporter le nouveau mode de jeu.
Attention, cet énorme patch n'est pas cumulatif, et vous aurez besoin de la version 1.2 du jeu pour l'installer.

Le téléchargement (1.05 Go) peut s'effectuer sur l'un des miroirs suivants :La liste complète des changements (Anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Medal of Honor : Airborne v1.3 changelog

New Features

* Added the option to replace the rifle class with a non- scoped Springfield for dedicated servers.
* Added the option to replace the rifle class with a non-scoped G43 for dedicated servers.
* Heraklion map is playable in all multiplayer game modes.
* The Hunt Classic map is playable in all multiplayer game modes.
* Objective Mode has been added for all maps in multiplayer.
* Added an in-game server admin tool (Rcon).
* Added a new server command “say” that allows server admins to make announcements through the console or in-game RCon tool. The announcements will appear on all connected clients and will be distinguished with both a prefix and different color.
* Every in-game message is now logged in game console (press ` to access it)
* Several options have been set up for which team defends during Objective Mode.
* Kill messages now correspond to a weapon type.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where dedicated servers would crash when multiple users changed teams at once.
* Fixed a bug where the default gamma setting of the game was incorrect.
* Fixed a bug that happened when the scoreboard "back" button was reassigned to a key other than tab.
* Fixed a bug where weapons would switch when using the voice chat menu.
* Fixed a bug where hit reactions/indicators appeared when shooting teammates with friendly fire disabled.
* Fixed a bug where the user returned to the main menu instead of the multiplayer menu when quitting a multiplayer match.

Balance Changes

* Adjusted the G43 firing rate in multiplayer.
* Adjusted the Thompson damage in multiplayer.
* Modified "true trigger" so that the player can't hold their breath forever. Hold breath and choke durations are controllable from the server ini file.

Changing Rifle Class Weapons

To change the rifle class weapon you must open your MOHADedicatedServer.ini and change the follow values:


These are the default values and will use the M1 Garand and K98 if left this way.

To use the Springfield rifle: UseSpringfieldRifleClass=True

To use the G43 rifle: UseG43RifleClass=True

These modified versions have no scope. The Springfield without a scope has been tuned to a one shot kill to match it with the k98.

The weapon select screen was not modified, even when the server admin changes the rifle class weapon, the M1 Garand and K98 will always appear on the weapon select screen.

In-game Rcon

To use the in-game Rcon tool, press the ` key during a multiplayer dedicated server game to open up the console and then enter a command. The syntax is:

Admin " " (eg: Admin "showhud on")

Make sure you have the quotation marks around your admin command.

There are two special commands:

Login: Logs the admin in if the correct password is supplied. Usage:

Admin "login "

After doing this, the admin will be able to issue all the dedicated server commands.

Logout: Logs the admin out. The user won't be able to issue commands anymore. Usage: Admin "logout"

All dedicated server commands can be executed through the in-game Rcon interface. For a list of all commands please refer to the readmeserver.txt which can be found in the same folder as this ReadMe.

Setting the Defending team in Objective Mode

If a game is created through match making it will always default to "Axis always defend". The defend options can be changed only in the MOHADedicatedServer.ini. Here are the different options that can be set:

DEFENDER_AXIS - Axis always defend.
DEFENDER_ALLIED - Allies always defend.
DEFENDER_WINNER - First round is random, winner defends the next round.
DEFENDER_LOSER - First round is random, loser defends the next round.
DEFENDER_RANDOM - The team that defends is picked randomly every round.
DEFENDER_ALTERNATING - First round is random, then the teams take turns defending in subsequent rounds.

To set the desired option up, change the MOHADedicatedServer.ini value for the following:


IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have the 1.2 update installed before upgrading to 1.3.
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