necrovision_005.jpgNecroVisioN, le FPS des Pölonais de The Farm 51 vient de se trouver un distributeur pour l'Europe. Ce sera donc 505 Games qui se chargera de la besogne, afin de refourguer au monde entier des palettes de ce FPS de l'Est. Le communiqué n'annonce aucune date de sortie et se contente de recracher les sempiternelles caractéristiques, pas très alléchantes, du jeu.

Le communiqué complet en anglais se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

505 Games to Publish NecroVisioN for PC Across Europe
505 Games today announced it will publish the first person shooter, NecroVisioN, for PC across Europe under the newly created 1C Label.

Developed by The Farm 51, NecrovisioN is a first person shooter which immerses gamers in the claustrophobic trenches and bunkers of the First World War. Reminiscent of a Lovecraft horror, NecroVisioN seamlessly mixes the harrowing battlefields with a nightmarish demon and vampire underworld, unleashing a truly visceral experience.

The year is 1916 and the Great War has been raging for two long years when Simon Bunker, a US army soldier, joins the front line with the allied forces. During the ferocious fighting, Bunker and his battalion get lost behind enemy lines while trying to break through to allied positions. While being pushed back into defensive positions they stumble across a series of mysterious trenches where all is not as it seems. As they push forward they discover that there is a greater evil hiding underneath the battlefields of the Great War, an evil which is forcing its way to our world and threatens to change the delicate balance of power.

Battling his way through the trenches, Bunker uncovers an enemy more deadly than anything he has ever encountered. Demons and vampires wage a brutal underground war, which is spilling into the human world, and Bunker finds himself fighting not only for his own survival, but the survival of Mankind.

Key features include:

- a stunning mix of WWI and Hellish underworld environments
- intense and explosive first person combat
- 18 different weapons with a mix of authentic WWI and Underworld mystical
- hordes of enemies including human, demons and vampires
- 12 visceral missions to challenge all abilities
- huge, brutal boss battles
- online/LAN gaming for up to 16 players
- six maps with three game modes, including deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag/artefact
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