they_003.jpgMetropolis Software a été sélectionné par Nvidia pour faire partie intégrante du programme « The Way it´s meant to be played » avec son titre They, qui devrait sortir en 2009.
Cet accord signifie en fit que Nvidia pourra afficher en gros son logo « The Way it´s meant to be played » sur les boîtes du jeu en échange de l'aide que le fondeur aura apporté aux développeurs. En effet, Nvidia dispose d'équipes de support et de testeurs, dont le but est de remonter aux développeurs la meilleure manière d'optimiser les jeux suivant le matériel. Les techniques sont de plus en plus complexes, et rien ne coule de source, surtout avec l'arrivée de DirectX 10, pour l'instant pas toujours très bien appréhendé. Les outils d'analyse de performances chez Nvidia, semblent être quant à eux un passage obligé pour avoir au final un jeu dont les prérequis matériels ne sont pas démesurés.
Santa Clara/Cologne/Warsaw January 10th 2008

While other companies are easing gently into the New Year, NVIDIA has started 2008 with a bang by signing an exciting new title to its developer relations program. THEY, a mystery first person shooter from the Warsaw based developer Metropolis Software and the German full service provider IMC has joined NVIDIA’s The way it’s meant to be played™ program after only ten months of development. The developer relations team at NVIDIA have had their eye on the project since August 2007 and, although THEY is not due for release until 2009, its innovative technical and gameplay features mean the title has already become part of this prestigious program.

Phil Wright, Head of Content Business Development EMEAI of NVIDIA: „Our content development team constantly research the development community for new and innovative titles and THEY has been on our radar for some time. This is one of the earliest points in the development cycle that a game has joined NVIDIA’s The way it’s meant to be played™ program, which gives you an idea of how excited we are about its potential. Even in this short time IMC and Metropolis have demonstrated proof of a professional approach and a trendsetting concept for the future. We are happy to have signed this title, which is already promising great things at such an early stage. THEY will be a real highlight for our new and upcoming graphics boards.“

Cologne based service provider IMC, InteractiveMediaConsulting GmbH and the Polish development team Metropolis Software SP. z o. o. joined forces in April 2007, to produce a top title for the games market with a totally new approach. With a coherent concept, interesting gameplay features and high end graphics (DX 10 ready) the Polish-German production is currently being evaluated by leading publishers for a world wide release in 2009 on PC and next generation consoles. The early deal with NVIDIA allows the developer to be excited and focused. IMC’s Head of Communication Ingo Horn: „We are happy to join the exclusive circle of TWIMTBP developers. NVIDIA’s trust in a European product paid off our efforts and long hours during the development of a top title in the overcrowded market of FPS games. NVIDIA’s tech support will further enhance the technical aspects of THEY, so we are able to release a triple A mystery FPS in 2009, which will present future gamers with the best graphics boards of tomorrow!
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