Dans une entrevue accordée à Fragland, Midway, l'éditeur d'Hour of Victory tente d'expliquer ce que leur FPS propose de plus que ses principaux concurrents à venir, à savoir Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway et Medal of Honor : Airborne.

What sets this game apart from other upcoming WWII shooters like Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway or Medal of Honor: Airborne?

We think we’re bringing a number of new twists to the genre.

For the multiple POVs, we’ve got three playable characters – commando, ranger and covert op. Each POV has unique abilities that the player can choose to use throughout the mission. We’re giving players a great deal of freedom with how they want to play the game.

Vehicles are another key area we think gamers will love. If players see a tank, they can get in that tank and drive it around. Same with other vehicles –you can see it, you can drive it in Hour of Victory.

And finally, we’ve worked hard to really find the balance between blending fun gameplay with the authentic details and realism of World War II. So even though it’s based on the history of World War II, we’ve made sure not to make it too much of a simulation, and we’ve got gameplay that’s bombarding you from all angles. Bombers in the sky, tanks in the streets, snipers in the windows.

En résumgé, Hour of Victory propose un gameplay arcade, trois classes de personnages et des véhicules dans certaines missions. Le plus marrant, ces que ces trois FPS à venir sur le thème de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale utilisent tous les trois l'Unreal Engine 3, le moteur raphique développé par Epic Games. C'est l'occasion d'une petite comparaison du niveau visuel entre les trois titres, de gauche à droite, Hour of Victory, Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway et Medal of Honor : Airborne.

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