FiringSquad a pu s'entretenir avec Kristoffer Bergqvist, producteur de Northern Strike, le mini pack d'extension pour BattleField 2142. A l'image de l'add-on, l'entrevue est assez courte et peu intéressante. On retiendra néanmoins le background des quelques nouvelles cartes :

The new levels takes place in snow covered Europe, where the Pan Asian Coalition took advantage of EU concentrating their troops to the south, and quickly seized control of several important key locations. The battles we are visiting are, in turn, a fierce night battle in Liberation of Leipzig, a daring assault on a remote Titan harbor in the high alps in Port Bavaria and an epic battle over Rheine, where the EU coalition 200 years to the day after the allied forces crossed the river on their way to Berlin tries to cease control over a bridgehead at Bridge of Remagen.
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