15 septembre 2006, 17h43 Icone War Rock

War Rock : nouveau patch

NoFrag à repéré que WarRock, le BF-Like gratos, venait de se voir gratifié d'un patch par K2 Network. Le patch sera effectif la prochaine fois que vous lancerez le jeu.

Ce dernier est assez conséquent puisqu'il corrige une tonne de bugs, en témoigne ce long changelog (anglais), qui se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle


Added map: Xauen (Mission)
Added map: Pargona East (Vehicle)
Added weapon: G36 (Combatant, Slot 3)
Added weapon: PSG1 (Scout, Slot 3)

Implemented keyboard remapping
Implemented partial joystick support (air vehicles only)

Can now switch weapon load in Mission
FX/Options tab re-added to Options Menu
Improved room name filters
Friendly-fire damage indicator removed


Keys no longer affect movement during typing
Hit indicator for Blackhawk
Mission mode narration changed to English
Grenade launcher on Gunboat fixed

Balance Changes

Helicopter now takes more damage from water contact
Ghosting/Spectator mode disabled
Engineer repair speed reduced
Heavy Weapons can now reload Land Mines


Votekick UI present but not active
Gamma settings removed from Options
Gunboat grenade launcher has massive range
User is offlineProfile CardPM


New medic voice audio
Radar map is now static
Changing weapon loadout is now possible in mission mode
Votekick is now enabled for testing
Crosshair reticle now changes colors upon registered hits (bullet weapons only)
Added ratio column (currently inactive)

Added Ignore commands for user chat:
"/blistadd user" adds user to block list
"/blistremove user" removes user from block list
"/blistview" lists all users in block list

Balance Changes
Tweaked AK-47
Tweaked Magnum
Grenade splash damage reduced
RPG vs player now does 100% damage on direct hit to head/torso and 50% splash damage

Roll now prioritizes over Reload

Pargona: dock exploits fixed
Engrene: sandbag exploits fixed
Ohara: Player model now longer goes into the rocks upon exiting the tank

Heavy weapons can no longer reload landmines
Flag Captures limited to 20pt to prevent abuse
Respawn queue players can no longer see opponent team's movement or icons

Capturing an enemy flag now reduces their points by 2
Engineer can now only repair teammate's tanks
Medic can only heal teammates
Medic now gets points for teammates with < 30% hp, to a max of 30pts
Engineer now gets points for repairing vehicles with < 30% hp, to a max of 20pts

User ID now saves
Grenade now damages both motorcycle & rider
Kill/Death columns corrected on scoreboard
Swimming animation adjusted (still does not display properly)
Fixes to Intel/ATi/GeForce graphics issues
"Failure to create room error" upon channel change now fixed
Motorcycle HUD display fixed
Blackhawk # of riders on HUD corrected
K1A1 # of riders on HUD corrected
Rank increase popup translated
Fixed kick from training mode
Oerlikon AA turrets now have vehicle collision
Mission map selection as default fixed
Blackhawk: pressing V causes player to appear in mid-air fixed
Scope no longer works underwater
Ping Limiter adjusted
Limit Ping now updates for players entering lobby.
Limit Ping code tightened to be more accurate
Fixed camera lock while inside a vehicle
Changes to prevent getting stuck in a tree
Weapons now have the correct expiration time
Removed BGM on/off from updater screen due to Win98 errors
Crash upon joystick enable fixed
Weapon expiration times are now based on game server
Length restrictions increased for WR installation root folder
Fixed lean left/right swapped in Key Remapper
Chat filter adjusted
Fixed Enter button in roomlist not working
Refuse button in Room Lobby now functions
Engineer repair exploit fixed
Fixed model shear/crash caused by climbing out of the water while on ladder
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(#1) 17 novembre 2007 à 14h34
Un bon patch, mais difficile a trouver (enfaite je ne l'ai meme pas trouver^^)

[Édité par brubru8850 le 17/11/2007 à 14h34.]

Rédacteur en Chef/Dieu
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(#2) 17 novembre 2007 à 16h23
Le jeu se patch tout seul dès que tu le démarre en fait. Et comme la nouvelle date de plus d'un an, le lien pour le téléchargement manuel est mort....

Va voir par ici : Téléchargement du client sur le site officiel.

[Édité par utr_dragon le 17/11/2007 à 16h24.]
No comment !

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(#3) 17 novembre 2007 à 17h05
Mais je ne sais pas exactement si ca c'est mis automatiquement,

Y un moyen pour le vérifier?

Rédacteur en Chef/Dieu
Nb msg : 2488
(#4) 17 novembre 2007 à 20h44
Si tu n'as pas la dernière version, tu ne pourras pas rejoindre les serveurs de jeu j'imagine.
No comment !

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(#5) 17 novembre 2007 à 21h53
C'est quoi la derniere version s'"il te plait? téléchargargable sur le site que tu m'as donnés?
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