Un peu en marge de l'E3, Ubi vient de sortir le premier patch pour Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, c'est le patch 1.06 (15Mo) qui peut se télécharger chez 3D Gamer's.
Ce patch corrige pas mal de choses, notamment les problèmes en co-op, quleques problèmes de HUD et des tonnes de bugs mineurs.
Le chanlog dans la suite de la news.

- Client no longer receives "CD key rejected" message when server dies in coop.
- Crosscom border now correctly disappears when spawning into AI ghost in coop.
- Fixed issues with leaving mission area in coop.
- Fixed in-mission inventory issues that could cause double gun objects.
- Player nicknames are now correctly shortened to fit Ghost leader HUD in coop.
- A memory leak occurring in certain situations when playing Domination has been sealed.
- Ghost AI is now less likely to stare at the walls when taking cover.
- Adjusted map settings and glitches on missions 3, 4 and 10.
- Certain animations have been corrected.
- Adjusted sounds for certain objects.
- Some text strings have been added or corrected.
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